July 30, 2020

View and Download Polaris Sportsman service manual online. Sportsman Offroad Vehicle pdf manual download. Also for: Sportsman Buy Clymer ATV Manual – Polaris Sportsman , & for only $ at Polaris Sportsman , Polaris Sportsman , Polaris. Polaris Sportsman ATV ServiceRepair Workshop Manual DOWNLOADINSTANT DOWNLOADOriginal Factory Polaris.

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To identify which series the key is, take the first two digits on the original key and refer to the chart to oolaris right for the proper part number. Series Part Number There are exceptions in the steering, suspension, and engine areas.

Always consult the exploded views in each manual section for torque values of polwris before using standard torque.

Distance between center of crankshaft and center of driven clutch shaft. Distance between chain link pins No. Polaris measures chain length in number of pitches. Total distance between piston and cylinder wall. Pounds per square inch. Regulates battery charging system output at approx. Recommended Lubricants and Capacities.

Polarjs, clean, lubricate, adjust or replace parts as necessary. Inspection may reveal the need for re- placement parts. Always use genuine Polaris polsris. Due to the nature of these adjustments, it is recommended that service be performed by an authorized Polaris dealer. Do not force fluid into hub. Change fluid every 2 years. Brake Fluid dicated level inside reservoir. S Be sure vehicle is level before proceeding.

S Check vent hose to be sure it is routed properly and unobstructed.

Polaris Sportsman Manual | eBay

S Tighten shift linkage rod end jam nuts properly after adjustment. Place gear selector in neutral. Make sure the transmission bell cranks are engaged in the neutral position detents. Be sure the shift linkage rod ends are firmly attached to the gear selector slides.

Adjust the low range inside rod so the rod end is centered polarls the transmission bell crank. Throttle lever operation should be smooth and lever must return freely without binding.

Place the gear selector in neutral. Start engine and warm it up to operating temperature about 10 minutes. This is a very important step. Slide boot off throttle cable adjuster and jam nut. Place shift selector in neutral and set parking brake. Start engine and set idle to specified RPM, then shut off engine.

Always 4000 the engine and spotsman outdoors or in a well ventilated area. Do not smoke or allow open flames or sparks in or near the area where refueling is performed or where gasoline is stored. The bowl drain screw is located on the bottom left side of the float bowl.


Compression readings will vary in pro- portion to cranking speed during the test. Average compression measured is about psi during a compres- sion test. Smooth idle generally indicates good compression. It contains sulfuric acid. Serious burns can result from contact with skin, eyes or clothing.

Owner’s Manuals

Drink polarix quantities of water or milk. Follow with milk of magnesia, beaten egg, or vegetable oil. Remove spark plug high tension lead. Clean plug area Recommended Spark Plug: Refer to Specifications 2. Inspect electrodes for wear and carbon buildup.

Look for a sharp outer edge with no rounding or erosion of Spark Plug Torque: S Overheating of engine could occur if air is not fully purged from system. Do not dilute with water. Inner splash cap vent hole must be clear and open. When riding in extremely dusty conditions re- placement mmanual be required more often. Gasket The pre filter should be cleaned before each ride, using the following procedure.

Drain whenever deposits are visible in the clear tube. The sediment tube will require more frequent ser- vice if the vehicle is operated in wet conditions or at zportsman throttle openings for extended periods.

This should also be sportskan before storing the ATV. The drain screw is located at the bot- tom of the recoil housing. Run engine two to three minutes until warm. Clean area around drain plug B at bottom of oil tank. Place a drain pan beneath oil tank and remove drain Ambient Temperature Range: Remove dipstick and fill tank with 2 quarts 1.

Place gear selector in neutral and set parking brake. Prime oil pump using procedure below. Stop the engine and inspect for leaks. Remove body panels and fuel tank as necessary to gain access to valve cover. Using a 10 mm wrench and a screwdriver, loosen adjuster lock nut and turn adjusting screw until there is a slight drag on the feeler gauge.

WARNING Due to the critical nature of the procedures outlined in this chapter, Polaris recommends steering component re- pair and adjustment be performed spoetsman an authorized Polaris Dealer. Only a qualified technician should replace worn or sportxman steering parts.

Use only genuine 4000 replacement parts. String should just touch side surface of rear tire on each side of machine. Measure from string to rim at front and rear of rim. Place machine on a smooth level surface. Set handlebars in a straight ahead position and secure handlebars in this position.


The steering ,anual can be used as an indicator of whether the handlebars are straight. Do not force the fluid into the hub under pressure or seal damage may occur. Remove the clean out plugs located on the bottom of the muffler as shown at right.

Place the transmission in neutral and start the engine. Purge accumulated carbon from the system by momen- Clean Out Plug tarily revving the engine several times. Parking Brake dicated level inside reservoir. Check brake system for fluid leaks. Check brake for excessive travel or spongy feel. Check friction pads for wear, damage and looseness.

Check surface condition of the disc. Damping should be smooth throughout the range of travel. Check all front suspension components for wear or dam- age. Spacer Tab Brake control and switch must be positioned to allow brake lever to travel throughout entire range without contacting switch body. Align throttle control assembly clamp with knurl on handle- Throttle assembly clamp Check wheel nuts and ensure they are tight. Do not over tighten the wheel nuts.

Rear Wheel Nuts 20 Ft. S Maintain proper tire pressure. Refer to the warning tire pressure decal applied to the vehicle. The other numbers are used for identification as to diameter, length and design.

Polaris Sportsman 400 Service Manual

Never remove radiator cap when engine is warm or hot. The cooling system is under pressure and serious burns may result. Allow the engine and cooling system to cool before servicing. Using tap water in the cooling system will lead to a buildup of deposits which may restrict coolant flow and reduce heat dissipation, resulting in possible engine damage.

Thoroughly clean the ATV engine and chassis. Disconnect battery sportsmsn – cable.

Remove the following parts as required.