May 28, 2020

Psoas (or iliopsoas) abscess is a collection of pus in the iliopsoas muscle compartment [1]. It may arise via contiguous spread from adjacent. Introducción y objetivos. Aportar a la literatura un nuevo caso de absceso primario de Psoas, con afectación también del Cuadrado Lumbar. Absceso del psoas como causa de dolor lumbar detectado mediante gammagrafía con galio en un paciente con sospecha de espondilodiscitisPsoas abscess.

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Absceso del psoas: revisión de la literatura y estado actual

We can choose broad-spectrum antibiotics like cephalosporins, quinolones, imipenem and clindamycin pending final bacteriologic pdoas.

In our case series report, it is seen that treatment delay developed to septic shock and death. Staphylococcus aureus is the most common organism in primary psoas abscess. CT is the diagnostic procedure of choice.

Absceso del psoas en una paciente diabética. Presentación de caso

Subscriber If you already have your login data, please click here. Psos, infections in these organs can, by contiguity, affect the psoas muscle. Transcutaneous drainage is substituting surgical drainage and also makes it possible to obtain diagnostic samples.

The chest exam revealed clear lungs with normal heart sounds and her abdomen was soft with normal bowel sounds. Rev Infect Dis, ; 9: Read it at Google Books – Find it at Amazon.


In our patient the presumed route of infection was a small skin trauma due to a scratch on her leg that caused a severe infection of the soft tissues with lymphangitis, celulitis and abscess formation at the last. Psoas muscle abscess is a rare infectious complication abscexo epidural analgesia.

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Aerobic and anaerobic bowel flora should also be covered when secondary psoas abscess is suspected. Haaga JR, Boll D. Services on Demand Journal. Are you a health professional able to prescribe or dispense drugs? Open surgical drainage should be reserved if percutaneous drainage fails. However, these symptoms are common to several syndromes, hampering the diagnosis In areas where tuberculosis still is a common disease, it continues to be an important cause Other symptoms include nausea, malaise, and weight loss.

Objectives To describe the clinical characteristics of patients with abscess on the psoas muscle PA and to identify the possible differences existing between pyogenic and tuberculous etiologies. The duration of antibiotic therapy must be individualized, guided by clinical signs, involvement of other structures and laboratory result.

The patient, aged 57 years, has type I diabetes mellituscomplicated with bilateral obstructive lithiasic uropathy and reiterative urinary infections.

Psoas abscess is a relatively rare disease. Services on Demand Article. In the past, open drainage of the abscess through an iliac crest incision was often the treatment of choice.

The absence of epidural infection is possible if the epidural catheter migrates out of the intervertebral foramen and in the presence of contamination of the anesthetic solution 9.


Cortese bA. A psoas or iliopsoas abscess is a rare clinical entity with a wide etiological range. Early treatment with antibiotics, guided drainage or open surgery is pssoas due to its high morbidity and mortality.

Past medical history was positive for chronic peripheral vascular disease, valvular cardiopathy, atrial fibrillation, and implantation of a biological mitral valve 11 years before admission. You can change the settings or obtain more information by clicking here. Twenty days after the procedure, close to the discontinuation of the epidural treatment, the patient presented with lumbar pain, headache, and high fever. It pxoas defined as a collection of pus that begins and extends through the iliopsoas muscle and can reach up to the inguinal region.

Postgrad Med J, ; Diagnosis is usually delayed because paoas clinical presentation.

[Psoas abscess as a differential diagnosis in emergency department].

SIJ and psoas zbsceso Case 3: Psoas abscess is a pus collection within the muscle compartment. How to cite this article. A female patient, 65 years old, with neuropathic pain in the lower limbs, difficult to control with systemic drugs.

Case 1 Case 1. The correct diagnosis is fundamental for a good evolution.