May 18, 2020

components of CA ACF2. There are also ISPF panels that perform the same functions as the TSO ACF command. For more on the ISPF panels, see the. You can protect operator commands using CA ACF2. When an operator command is issued, SAF issues a CMDAUTH call to the CA SAF. CA ACF2 displays your logonid record if you have not specified an Activates building the commands that are used to recreate a user and.

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You can change the ports for these agents. Pioneer must have SECURITY privileges, which acts as a central site security administrator and must be able to add lids, change lids, delete lids as well as resources, rules. Pioneer and Voyager are STC procedures. To navigate through the file you need to use the function keys as follows: Enter D in the number area on the line that you want to delete.

Press Enter to bring up the commanss.

But if you are supposed to be using ACF2: If you press the Enter before you have finished entering text in your lines, then the lines that you didn’t enter text into will disappear.


In your environment, replace the prefix IDF with the user commnads on the system you have access to.

Displaying logonids using LIST

Press Enter before entering the text to remove the line. The HLQ will have to be changed to meet installation standards. The following are the contents of the zip file: Enter D3 to delete 3 lines. A common variation is to enter a number after D to indicate the number of lines to delete. Extract the contents of the following file to a temporary directory, distribution command archive file. Table Voyager Commands via Operator Interface.

Deploying the IdF Advanced Adapter for ACF2

There are variations of the delete line command. If SMS is being used this JCL will have to be changed to match installation definitions for these type and size datasets. The procedures commadns configure these message transport layers are described later in this guide.

Use the arrow keys or the mouse to position the cursor to the line to enter text. The text in green is entered by the user. To make changes to the batch job files: See Appendix F for information cmmands Pioneer control file parameter descriptions.


For example, enter the following command: These events are processed against the mainframe authentication repository, in which all provisioning updates from the LDAP Gateway are stored.

Here is the list of the files which matched what you entered. The files uploaded to the computer hosting the mainframe by using the procedure described in Section 2. The Alias processing is controlled by the usage of a Pioneer parameter in its control file. To delete lines in the file: Press Enter to delete the line.

To change existing text in the file, type over the existing text with new text. Click OK to initiate file upload. Table Pioneer Commands and Descriptions.

Creating CA-ACF2 Facility Classes

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Granting the APF Authorized status to a program is similar to giving super user status.