May 9, 2020

Antidesma bunius var. wallichii Synonym. Antidesma ciliatum Synonym. Antidesma collettii Craib. Synonym. Antidesma cordifolium Plant Morphology: [Others]: Antidesma bunius is a dioecious (male and female organs in separate and distinct individuals) tree that is about 3 – 10 m tall, has a. Antidesma bunius. Euphorbiaceae. Sprengel. Foliage and fruit (Trade winds fruit) . Detail of leaves and unripe fruits. (unknown). LOCAL NAMES. Burmese.

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The threats to which this taxon is subject. Right plant wrong place. However, benefits to ecosystems not specific ajtidesma humans are best treated under Risk statement what happens when the organism is removed.

Antidesma bunius Images

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Acute toxicity of several organophosphorous insecticides and protection by cholinergic antagonist and 2-PAM on Artemia salina larvae. Trees, to 10 m high; bark dark brown; branchlets greyish-brown, lenticellate, initially rufous or brown-tomentellous or sparsely white pilose, soon glabrous.

Leaves simple, alternate, spiral; petiole ca. Crude extracts were obtained by filtration. A bknius diagnostic description using dichotomic or multientrance keys.

Antidesma bunius

Artemia salina brine shrimp hatchability test of leaf extract. Fruiting branches on cultivated plant in Florida Photograph by: Observation specific search options Observed during.

The collected dark green leaf extract and the yellowish fruit extract were then lyophilized to obtain powder form of the extracts. Retrieved 10 January This is higher than the leaf extract, which showed hatching inhibition at 50 ppm for 12 h and ppm for 24 h of exposure Fig.

The positive control have an LC 50 of This QR Code is unique to this page. This page was last edited on 30 Octoberat Articles with ‘species’ microformats All stub articles. These were further concentrated by using a rotary evaporator. Copy and print the QR code to a plant label, poster, book, website, magazines, newspaper etc and ahtidesma t-shirts. Known or potential benefits of the species for humans, at a direct economic level, as instruments of education, prospecting, eco-tourism, etc.


Artemia in Aquatic Toxicology a Review. In any case, hatched brine shrimp nauplii can survive for up to 48 h without food [4] because they still feed on their yolk-sac [5]. Its cytotoxicity data showed strong correlation with costly cytotoxicity tests using human cancer cell lines [2]. The use of Artemia nauplii for toxicity test. The number of survivors was counted under a microscope antideama percentage of mortality was calculated.

Biological Activity of Bignay [ Antidesma bunius L. II, Add Add References: Activity increased significantly up to 48 h exposure particularly for the fruit extract. The fruit can be eaten raw or cooked and used in jellies, preserves etc[ ].

Describes biorhythms – those states or conditions characterised by regular repetition in time, whether on the scale of anntidesma, hours, days, or seasons. Wind-protection antidsma desirable when the trees are young[ ]. A convenient general bioassay for active plant constituents. Journal of Medical Sciences, 5: Tropical Plants Database, Ken Fern. The flowers have a strong, somewhat unpleasant scent. Occurrence Occurrence Occurrence Records. With these results, it is possible that the fruits and leaves of bignay contain substances with cytotoxic activity.

Ripening fruits Photograph by: Young leaves can be eaten raw in salads or steamed and used as a side dish with rice[, ]. Message The user has shared this species from India Biodiversity Portal with you.


The angidesma low hatching rate detected after the 12 h treatment was probably due to an alteration in the development of Artemia embryos.

Life cycles are treated in the field for Life Cycle. Prefers a pH in atidesma range 6 – 7, tolerating 5. With the preliminary results on the two assays, it is possible that the fruits and leaves of bignay contain substances that have cytotoxic activity. May also be referred to include anatomy. Search in all groups Search within this group.

Phyllanthaceae We have included Antidesma dallachyanum as a synonym of this species, though some botanists consider Antidesma dallachyanum to be a distinct species, found only in Australia[ K Title Plants for a Future Author Ken Fern Description Notes from observations, tasting etc at Plants For A Future and on field trips. Fresh antidsema need pre-treatment with sulphuric acid for 15 min followed by soaking in water for 24 hours[ ].

Fruit and Seed Drupes; 1-seeded. It is hardy to zone UK 10 and is frost tender. The fruit has a sour taste similar to that of the cranberry when immature, and a tart but sweet taste when ripe.

Some tasters detect a bitter or unpleasant aftertaste, unnoticeable to others[ ]. Assam is a state bhnius the North Eastern part of India. One hundred microliter of each working solutions for each extract was transferred in an individual well of a 96 well microtiter plate. Information on the genetics of the taxon, including karyotypes, barcoding status, whole genome sequencing status, ploidy.