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See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for further suggestions. May [edit] Seventeenth century Tirso de Molina’s play El burlador de Sevilla y convidado de piedra Paolo Zehentner’s play Promontorium Malae Spei Giacinto Andrea Cicognini’s play Il convitato di pietra Dorimon Nicolas Drouin’s Le festin de pierre, ou le fils criminel Molire’s comedy Dom Juan ou le Festin de pierre Rosimon’s Festin de pierre, ou lathe foudroy Thomas Shadwell’s play The Libertine 17th century: L’ateista fulminato, Italian play by unknown author [edit] Eighteenth century ?: Antonio de Zamora’s play No hay plazo que no se cumpla ni deuda que no se pague o convidado de piedra[2] Antonio Denzio’s opera La pravit castigata, with music mainly by Antonio Caldara Vincenzo Righini’s opera Il convitato di pietra Byron’s epic poem Don Juan Alexandre Dumas’ play Don Juan de Maraa Balzac’s short story L’lixir de longue vie The Elixir of Life Prosper Mrime’s novella Les mes du Purgatoire Jos de Espronceda’s El estudiante de Salamanca Nikolaus Lenau’s play Don Juan Jos Zorrilla’s play Don Juan Tenorio Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy’s verse drama Don Juan Guerra Junqueiro’s poem A morte de D.


Chronology of Works Derived From the Story of Don Juan

Paul Heyse’s “Don Juans Ende” Richard Strauss’ symphonic poem Don Juan Vernon Lee’s short story ‘The Virgin of the Seven Daggers’, in which Don Juan raises a Moorish princess from the apdk in order to seduce her [edit] Twentieth century Ramn del Valle-Incln’s Las sonatas Ruperto Aapek opera Margarita la tornera, based on Jos Zorrilla’s dramatic poem.

This features a seducer of women known as Don Juan Alarcon. Guillaume Apollinaire’s novel Les exploits d’un jeune Don Juan Aleksandr Blok’s The Commander’s Footsteps. Lesya Ukrainka’s Stone Host ‘a dramatic poem.

Karel apek Rat ljudi i dadevnjaka

Jacinto Grau’s play Don Juan de Carillana; also, the play El burlador que no se burla and the essay Don Juan en el tiempo y en el espacio Edmond Rostand’s play La dernire nuit de Don Juan Azorn’s Don Juan Ramn Prez de Ayala’s novel and play Tigre Juan Don Juan, starring John Barrymore, silent film with Vitaphone soundtrack.

Serafn and Joaqun lvarez Quintero’s play Don Juan Miguel de Unamuno’s Don Juan Le Mythe de Sisyphe: Published by Librarire Gallimard and by Alfred A. In Camus’ anti-suicide treatise, Don Juan is one of three ‘Absurd Men’, ‘heroes’ who overcome life with their attitude.

Franz Zeise’s novel Don Apokyrfy Tenorio Josef Toman Don Juan Suzanne Lilar, play “Le Burlador”, an original reinterpretation of the myth of Don Juan from the female perspective that revealed a profound capacity for psychological analysis. Adventures of Don Juan, film starring Errol Flynn Ronald Frederick Duncan’s play Don Juan Ingmar Bergman’s play Don Juan Buddy Holly’s song Modern Don Juan Henry de Apokryfyy play Don Juan Roger Vailland’s play Monsieur Jean Gonzalo Torrente Ballester’s novel Don Juan Jan vankmajer’s Don ajn Don Juan ; a short retelling of the Don Juan legend featuring live-action, stop-motion animation, and marionettes.


The Stoned Guest, a half-act opera by P. Don Juan ou Si Don Juan tait une femme Derek Walcott’s play, The Joker of Seville Carlos Morton’s play, Johnny Tenorio Post-minimalist composer Elodie Lauten wrote an opera based on a feminist variation of the aoek entitled “The Death of Don Juan” The Pet Shop Boys song “Don Juan”, which used the story as a metaphor for the seduction of the Balkans by Nazism during the aopkryfy Flix Gray’s musical comedy Don Juan Jim Jarmusch’s film Broken Flowers.

Karel apek Rat ljudi i dadevnjaka – [PDF Document]

Don Juan in Soho, a play by Patrick Marber Kasper Bech Holten’s film Juan Both the Flynn and Fairbanks versions turn Don Juan into a likeable rogue, rather than the heartless seducer that he is usually presented apokyfy being.

The Flynn movie even has him successfully foiling a treasonous plot in the Spanish royal court. Shaw’s play turns him into a philosophical character who enjoys contemplating the purpose of life.

Vita avventure e morte di Don Giovanni. Said Armesto, Vctor [] in Spanish. La leyenda de Don Juan.