AR 870-5 PDF

AR 870-5 PDF


May 18, 2020

AR MILITARY HISTORY: RESPONSIBILITIES, POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. AR MILITARY HISTORY: RESPONSIBILITIES, POLICIES AND. Start studying Military History AR Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. AR Military History: Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures [US Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The United States Army.

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A lineage, once published, will not be changed except insofar as it was based on error of fact. The selected professors shouldpossess broad experience and expertise in the field of military history.

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Only 8705 special designation will be approved for any color-bearing, flag-bearing, or separate guidon-bearingorganization, except as provided in paragraph e, below.

Army and tothe American people is required by law Sections — and16, U. Final selection will be made by a committee of Center historiansunder the direction of the Wr Historian and approved by the Director, Center of Military History. The Chief ofMilitary History will identify CMH employees, active duty 5X officers, and Reserve Component augmentees toconstitute a military history element for use in accomplishing special projects and missions during combat andcontingency operations.

The designation of an organization, whether numerical, lettered, or named, will not of itself establish a linealrelationship with a former organization of the same designation.

The Director, Collections Management Directorate will exerciseoversight for the acquisition and conservation of all material holdings of the AHEC; administer the Current OperationsCollection Project, which acquires dimensional and record material relating to ongoing operations in the field. In exceptional circumstances, the Secretary of the Army may grant to an active organization the honors of aninactive or disbanded organization to be held as a challenge and a trust.

The lineage of an organization establishes the continuity of the unit despite various changes in designation orstatus, thereby certifying its entitlement to honors, as well as heraldic items, organizational historical property,organizational history files, and other tangible assets.

The commanders of these organizations will ensure that field history functions and activities as outlined in this chapterreceive adequate support at their subordinate commands, organizations, units, schools, centers, and installations.

This date should be the date of a significant event in the history of the organization. The Center also distributes copies of some of these publications 8705 book reviewers andselected subject specialists and to other government agencies.


AR 870-5: Military History: Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures

Review and evaluate the professional historical credentials and qualification of all candidates for seniorcommand historian positions at Army commands. Extreme care,therefore, must be taken to prevent the loss, damage, or destruction of historical artifacts or artwork. Historical Research CollectionConsists of historically significant 870–5 non-artifact and other media from a specific organization, including thefollowing: An index is required for Annual Command Histories.

Honors and at passage a. Content of an organizational history file. Interview Report, page 27E. Army Combat Studies Institute.

Commanders will ensure that those historical records and source materials used inpreparing the Command Report, including journals and journal files, are retired in accordance with appropriateregulations. Proceduresfor the preservation and conservation of Army historical artifacts and art are prescribed in AR — The purpose of special designations is to enhance the morale and esprit of an organization by directly associatingit with some person, place, ra, event, or function having particular significance to the unit.

Historical CollectionThe assortment of historical artifacts in the custody of a particular organization, installation, 8770-5 agency and accountableby an Army museum or museum activity. Newspapers, periodicals, and journal articles. Certified Army MuseumAn appropriated fund entity that is a permanent historical activity possessing a historical collection housed in abuilding or a part thereof, specifically designated for the exclusive use of the museum, which is open to military wr visitors at regularly scheduled hours and is in the care of a professional staff that performs curatorial andrelated historical duties full time.

Has the unit established an organizational history program para 6—1b? Prepare historical manuscripts for Armywide publication. See DA Pam 25—30 for ordering information. Army Reserve organizations down through brigade level will complete aar annual history whether in or outof Federal service. Organizational History FileHistorical documents, photographs, and other items of significance to and belonging to a particular Army organization.

Unit historians will complete the course prior to deployment in order to be adequately trained. Detailed guidance on the research and writing of unit histories isavailable from the Center of Military History.

Organizational historical artifacts or art for regiments organized under the U. Staff relationshipsAs the advisor to the commander on Army historical programs and activities, the historian will have direct access tothe commander. Members and alternates for artist teams and portfolios will be selected by the Center of Military History fromapplications ae by qualified military personnel and civilian experts who are recommended and eligible forrelease to this special assignment.


For certain unit decorations, emblems are authorized for wear on the uniform. Histories should be written at thesecurity classification level appropriate to cover fully the complete actions of the subject command. Display of honors a. The Chief of Military History may appoint a distinguished militaryofficer for a 1-year period to research and write on a mutually agreed upon topic.

Center for Army Lessons Learned. Users should consult AR —20 as the primary reference concerning Army historical collections, museums, andaccountability of historical artifacts and art. Detachment commanders will be responsible for guidance to art program teams onhistorical coverage required.

AR 870-5 Military History Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures

Has the organization applied military history to leader development para 1—4h 8? See National Guard Regulation 10—1. Commands and organizations wishing toutilize representations of historical materiel in a parade, living history demonstration, or other comparable activity mustuse reproduction items. Army Historical CollectionThe entire historical collection under the control of the Chief of Military History, to include historical artifacts in arr of installations, units, or agencies.

They are conducted to obtain historical information that may not otherwise be recorded. Army in peace and war, to include research and writing aboutcontemporary military operations.

Museum ActivityAn appropriated fund entity that does not meet the minimum requisite standards of a certified Army museum, but holdsa historical collection, has a full-time staff, and is open to the public at regular hours. They will fully outline the modified format that it wishes to adopt and provide a detailedjustification for the change.

The earned honors of these color-bearing elements will be indicated by asterisks on their Lineage andHonors Certificates.

Commanders of color-bearing organizations will include information concerning their organic elements intheir organizational history files. Cited in paras 5—3a, 5—3b, 5—3c, 5—4a, 5—4d 4. It is recognized that resources will vary from headquarters to headquarters;however, all possible avenues to leverage technology to the benefit of the AHP will be attempted.

The International Scholar Program.