July 4, 2020

former valid document ATV-DVWK-A The design software AQUA DESIGNER had to be totally rearranged and we used this requirements to improve the. Title: Activated Sludge Expert – Software for Standard ATV-DVWK-A E ” Dimensioning of Single-Stage Activated Sludge Plants” – Edition / ATV-DVWK-A E. Dimensioning of Single Stage activated Sludge Plants. Corresponding software „Activated Sludge. Expert“ is available on our website.

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All rights, in particular those of translation into other languages, are reserved. No part of this Standard may be reproduced in any form – by atv-cvwk-a, microfilm or any other process – or transferred into a language usable in machines, in particular data processing machines, without the written approval of the publisher.

DWA Shop – Software Activated Sludge Expert

Atv-dvwl-a biological stage of wastewater treatment plants, employing trickling filters and rotating biological con- tactors without sludge return feed, is dealt with in this Standard. The standard applies only for rotating bio- logical contactors without artificial aeration for the supply of the biofilm with the required oxygen. The development of the trickling filter process and the rotating biological contactor as well as the factors on their treatment efficiency are covered in advanced literature.

As with all aerobic processes for biological wastewater treatment, the contact between biomass and wastewater is to be established and the biomass is to be supplied with oxygen. With the trickling filter proc- ess the wastewater is spray irrigated over the filter material so that, during the dripping process, the atv-dvk-a between biomass and wastewater is established.

In general, aeration is without application of further en- ergy. With rotating biological contactors the partially submerged filter material is rotated about its longitudi- nal axis with the application of energy. During the emergent phase of the material the biofilm can take up oxygen from the surrounding air and in the submerged phase the pollutants from the wastewater. The following are to be mentioned as favourable characteristics of trickling filters and rotating biological contactors: Thus even compounds which are difficult to degrade can be eliminated with little loading.

Georg Mehlhart, Darmstadt Prof. Harro Bode, Essen Dr. Manfred Roth, Stuttgart Dr. Bernd Dorias, Stuttgart Dr. Sigurd Wtv-dvwk-a, Essen Prof. Werner Gebert, Planegg Dipl. Gert Schwentner, Sindelfingen Dr. Helmut Resch, Weissenburg Chairman Dipl. Winfried Born, Kassel Prof. Karl-Heinz Rosenwinkel, Hannover Dr. Andrea Deininger, Weyarn Dr. Andreas Schulz, Essen Prof. Carl Franz Seyfried, Hannover Dr.


Karl-Heinz Kalbskopf, Dinslaken Dr. Andreas Stein, Emsdetten Prof.

Reinhard Beer, Cottbus Dr. Harro Bode, Essen Prof. Reiner Boll, Hannover Dipl. Lothar Huber, Neubiberg Prof. Karl-Heinz Rosenwinkel, Hannover Prof. Rolf Kayser, Braunschweig Dipl. Karlheinz Krauth, Stuttgart Dipl. Volker Ziess, Haan Dr. For this, according to precedents, there e- water in plants with large preliminary atv-dfwk-a tanks, xists an actual presumption that it is textually and are unavoidable and more marked than with acti- technically correct and also generally recognised.

The application of this Standard is open to everyo- If commercial or industrial wastewater with high ne. COD than with domestic wastewater can arise. The same applies for areas with low water con- This Standard is an important, however, not the sumption and low infiltration rate, as then the inert sole source of information for correct solutions. With its application no one avoids responsibility for his own action or for the correct application in spe- In this Standard technical regulations are drawn xtv-dvwk-a cific cases; this applies in particular for the correct for the dimensioning both for handling of the margins described in the Standard.


The treatment of the stormwater in the sewer net- work and of wastewater in the wastewater treat- In accordance with the requirements under [Ger- ment plant form one unit for the protection of sur- man] water law, the structural and operating re- face waters.

For the dimensioning of the quirements and the sensitivity of the surface wa- wastewater treatment plant and the stormwater ters through parallel units, reserve equipment etc.


The planning period should com- erational safety. A prerequisite for the secure function of the plant At-dvwk-a the case of special conditions the dimensioning planned in accordance with this standard is that can often be carried out more correctly with the aid sufficient qualified, trained and permanently tech- of trials and operating results of existing plants. The trials plants for this are to be es- comp. With the systems dealt with in this Standard one is atv-dvwwk-a.

Some advice is given for trickling fil- ATF [ATK] m2 surface area of the trickling ters and rotating biological contactors in the sec- filter ond stage. For hospital wastewater treatment waste sludge from the trick- plants DIN is to be additionally taken into ling filter or rotating biological account. Where these differ from ahv-dvwk-a [hNB] m depth of the secondary set- the original German the latter are shown in square tling tank brackets.

At least 40 load values are to be included for the de- termination of the values.

The relevant concentra- 3. If the di- dimensioning quantities. If the data are insufficient or the expense for inves- For dimensioning, the following important numeri- tigation, for example with small plants, are in no re- cal values are required from the influent to the bio- lation to the use, loads and concentrations can be logical reactor, if applicablewith the inclusion of the determined on the basis of connected inhabitants return flows from sludge treatment comp.

The estimation of the associated rotating biological contactors for wastewater wastewater inflow is to be undertaken in accor- treatment with nitrification. Parameter Raw waste- Retention time in the primary Daily loads can only be calculated on the basis water settling stage with QDW 0. The rele- TKN 11 10 10 P 1. They are, however, practical rotating biological contactors must be as free as for the supplementing of the existing database.

Therefore a pre- from sludge treatment should also be recorded treatment and primary settling of the inflowing within the scope of such investigations. With denitrification trickling filters this is particularly important as the removal of faults there 3. Normally primary settling tanks, External Sludge possibly also fine sieves, are employed for this. Water from the thickening and dewatering of an- Depending on the treatment requirements the pri- aerobic digested sludge contains ammonium in tav-dvwk-a settling tanks should be dimensioned differ- high concentrations.

With pure carbon removal and nitrification of the organic nitrogen introduced into the sludge without denitrification the retention time with dry digester is released as ammonium nitrogen. If weather should not be less than 1. Return loading with phosphorus and organic mat- With high wet weather inflow peaks the primary ter BOD5 and COD is, as a rule, small from dewa- settling tanks should be so dimensioned for a re- tering of digested sludge.


Therefore atv-cvwk-a return load- tention time shorter than 0. This applies above all for percentage atv-dvvwk-a all loads from the wastewater. As a rule, more or less anaerobic processes occur in sludge silos for aerobic stabilised sludge. With Sufficient sludge storage volume is also to be this, ammonium can be released and rerisolution taken into account with small plants.

This can, for of phosphorus is possible, if excess biological example, be arranged as separate tanks or in an phosphorus removal is applied. In order to mini- Imhoff tank combined with the primary settling mise impairment of the biological treatment tank.

In trick- ling filters the treatment process proceeds from top Further information on the determination of sludge to bottom. In the various treatment zones there are liquor quantities and characteristics are to be taken respectively biocoenoses of different composition from [7]. The following prerequisites are to be met for an 5. The rotating distributor trickling filters, the air flowing through have qtv-dvwk-a must be suitably designed for this. An as even free access to the biofilm and that ayv-dvwk-a sludge as possible complete wetting of the filter mate- can be atv-dvwk–a with the wastewater.

A blockage rial surface with wastewater is to be ensured. The effective surface is the surface of return pumps.

The ratio of effective through the filter material must be avoided at all surface to theoretical surface is defined by the costs. To secure the the correct reference parameter for the description removal of sludge a sufficient transmissibility is of the metabolic efficiency. The biologically active to be ensured in the vertical direction.

In order to as mineral filler material for trickling filters. The re- avoid too stv-dvwk-a a cooling in winter the air open- quirements on characteristics, testing and installa- ings should be constructed so that they are ca- tion of the mineral filling are summarised in DIN pable of being reduced. Under operating tion of the walls, an enclosed construction and conditions ca. From this result in part considerable differ- contribute to the prevention of odour nuisances ences between the theoretical, the effective and with very highly loaded trickling filters.

As a rule, the biologically active surface. Suppliers of plastic a treatment of exhaust air can, however, be dis- filler materials should therefore present retraceable pensed with as long as the trickling filter is suffi- calculations for the theoretical surface.

In addition to the surface loading rate the design of the rotary distributor also has an effect on the flushing force FF. For this the following relationship 5. The filler material planned for the trickling filter. Equally, for plastic filler materials the trickling filter contents, according to the permit- with increasing specific theoretical surface, in- ted volumetric loading, results as creasing values for FF are to be planned.

Thus the total volume is: In practical dimensioning the following procedure has proved its worth: For this, atv-vdwk-a also for a treatment target. With atv-evwk-a employment of plastic filler material with a high d Determination of the maximum hydraulic filter vertical transmissibility a larger filler height is rec- loading of the trickling filter from the maximum ommended.

Smaller filler heights up to a in m.