August 22, 2020

Thai for Beginners has ratings and 8 reviews. Joe said: I am finding this book very useful, but it gets confusing because it and another book I have. When it comes to all things Thai language, Benjawan Poomsan Becker (Paiboon Publishing) is an amazing powerhorse. I do not know where. It is an undisputed fact that Benjawan Poomsan Becker of Paiboon Overview: Thai for Beginners teaches speaking, listening, reading and.

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It is an undisputed fact that Benjawan Poomsan Becker of Paiboon Publishing is the top producer of Thai language products. With that jewel in mind… while I was working on the Benjawan Poomsan Becker InterviewI came up with a way to show just how proliferate she is.

Not only would I list each of her language courses, but I would share the details of each product. The table of contents and vocabulary count.

Vocabulary count is a popular way of thaj score. And when I contacted Benjawan about the vocab count in some of her courses, she kindly obliged thanks Benjawan! Benjawan is constantly adding new products; below is what she has so far.

Thai for Beginners – Paiboon Publishing

Benjawan Poomsan Becker Date: Thai for Beginners teaches speaking, listening, reading and writing at the beginner level. Thai for Intermediate Learners. Thai reader with vocabulary list, definitions, and pronunciation guide. Thai for Advanced Readers. See and hear Thai conversations.

You are given a choice of subtitles: English, transliteration, and Thai. Practical Thai Conversation 1.

The conversations are targeting intermediate Thai learners. As with volume 1, there is a choice of subtitles: Practical Thai Conversation 2. Speak Like a Thai 1. Thai slang and idioms. Includes bonus words not recorded on the audio CD.

Speak Like a Thai 2. Speak Like a Thai 3. Speak Like a Thai 4. Phrase book for the Northeastern Issan dialect. Speak Like a Thai 5. Speak Like a Thai 6. This book is guaranteed to help improve your listening and pronunciation skills.

More by Benjawan Poomsan Becker

The low number of new vocabulary words in this product assumes the student already knows vocabulary words and is seeking to improve their pronunciation skills. Improving your Thai pronunciation. A vocabulary in the back of the book is arranged by subject. Thai for Travellers Phrase book. Three Way Thai-English Dictionary. Thai Hit Songs Vol. March 4, at 8: Prolific is an understatement. I also have Thai for lovers and Practical Thai Conversation 1.


All have been invaluable to me and were well worth the money spent. What is noticeable is how Benjawan prices her products. Compared to others, they are extremely affordable. One of the biggies for me in the beginning was Improving Your Thai Pronunciation. It really got me to pay attention to tones.

March 4, at 9: I agree with Catherine that a noticeable feature of her products is their affordable pricing. However, I believe most products still have a lot of room for improvement.

While I admit that her books are amongst the best currently available on the market, I believe it has more to do with poor competition on this niche market rather than with the quality of her products per se. March 5, at 5: That is one impressive list of books and I know from a little research I did, the network of books are spreading worldwide.

That might get a couple more teeth showing in your next header photo of her. What a beautiful smile. March 5, at 3: Funnily enough I recently bought the three way dictionary again after losing my original copy. It really is a gem which includes a section on reading and writing Thai hugely helpful as well as Romanicised phonetics for all words, and even a phonetic look up page.

More expensive than other dictionaries though a thoroughly affordable THB it has brought my reading and writing up to a new level so comes with a high recommendation from this customer. March 7, at Thanks very much Catherine for putting this extensive list together. I just ordered three books off your site!!! And Greg or Craig Becker rushing through script. But yes, indispensable and probably the broadest choice of learning aids.

March 8, at 7: Rem — Have you read the interview with Becker?

Thai For Beginners (Part 1) by Benjawan Poomsan Becker on Spotify

She explains how she came up with each of the courses: Martyn — Benjawan has a new dictionary out — the Three Way. Especially when taking a stab at muffed up transliteration. Rick — I believe the earlier ones are from back when they were recorded for cassette players.


Thai Language Thai Culture: January 17, at January 20, at 9: Michel, I was one of the beta testers — and we just gave away six apps on a recent draw.

But I still need to review it. Poomaan 21, at 2: I thought you have given away 6 thai-English Talking Dictionnaries. I refer to the Thai for Beginner Course for the iphone app. January 21, at 8: Hi Michel, so you did.

Yes, I beginndrs the new T4B iPhone app. The Thai script is plenty large enough to benkawan a beef of mine with apps. June 29, at 1: Then beginnwrs through Intermediate. Explanations were good, but not how to actually pronounce the letters. After learning the alphabet it all made sense. Missing the quizzes in Advanced. A friend is a big fan of her style too. June 29, at 3: The dictionary is the best on the market and Thai for Beginners is handy as it offers quizzes needed for beginners.

June 29, at Her software is the same as tyai app Thai for Beginners but I found the app version easier to operate as I have a Mac. Intermediate and advanced versions would come in handy…. September 20, at 5: I am study your beginners bok and CDs. I really like it. I was stationed at Don Muang in I am thinking about visiting Thailand maybe Chiang Mai or Bangkok to have some minor surgery next spring.

I hope to be a little more proficient by then. I have just ordered your intermediate book and CDs. I know they will be as good as the beginners program. David Morris in Tennessee. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.