January 11, 2021

Equipment Create your own organizational system. Organizing elements such. bulthaup interior designers: Architects of the living space bulthaup . types of installation create the impression of a “ floating” kitchen. bulthaup b3 is the design. – The universal bulthaup design system encapsulates “state of the art” like no other. This system offers an incredibly wide range of versatile design.

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H3 continuing to use this website you approve the use of cookies and the collection of personal and website related data. This holistically thought-out modular system makes everyday work much easier. Metal The charm lies in bulthahp contrast Metal has a truthful character.

A penthouse apartment in Stuttgart is a well thought-through composition comprising three monolithic cabinet systems and a free-standing kitchen block. Surfaces appeal to our senses: The showrooms and trade-fair booths in Milan offered visionary examples and real concept ideas.

The beauty of b3 continues on the inside, with drawers and pull-outs in three designs: Whether it be century-old bog oak, through-dyed laminate, or surfaces with multiple layers of lacquer, every texture and finish is individually accomplished by craftsmen. There is a wide-ranging color palette of brilliant, matt or soft-touch lacquer. The effect is one of sophisticated dynamism within the room. Soft-touch lacquer A gentle caress for eyes and fingers.


For further information, please consult the Data Privacy Notice. Give us two possible dates and times for a personal consultation in the bulthaup showroom of your choice.

I can revoke this consent at any time. Our fingers experience a velvet-soft surface.

Your local dealer will contact you to confirm the appointment. Solid wood As strong as it needs to be. Both their design and utility are tailored to the individual. Give us two possible dates and times for a personal consultation in the bulthaup showroom of your choice.

This bulthaup dealer stocks b Solitaire. The island allows people to move freely around and within the bylthaup. There are multiple, very meticulous stages to the lacquer process. Soft-touch lacquer A gentle caress for eyes and fingers The material confounds popular expectations of a lacquered surface. Optimized storage space makes efficient use of the room available, and it needs to be flexible and convenient for the user. It is integrated flush into the worktop and can be equipped in a variety of ways.

Pocket door unit Perfectly designed in every way.

Multi-function wall Where space and furniture combine The whole is more than the sum of its parts. The functional nulthaup basin makes more out of a water point. It’s where they cook, come alive, and work with their hands and the right tools. Everything is easily found in the place you chose for it to go.

See the products up close and find out what makes them so special. I can revoke this consent any time.


bulthaup b3 monoblock

The dealer you have chosen will contact you shortly to arrange an appointment. He puts the veneers together by hand to create a harmonious surface. Please enter your email address. Matt lacquer Scope for the individual touch. The bulthaup monoblock is a fascinating add-on to the bulthaup b3 design system.

bulthaup b3 monoblock by bulthaup | STYLEPARK

Aluminum Create your unique surroundings. Options include elements such as the knife block, chopping board, or mixer faucet. The panel wall provides the perfect opportunity bulyhaup equip the kitchen with functions that you need immediately and often.

Washing hands, cleaning and chopping bulthau;, washing dishes — with the right equipment, the sink becomes a multi-functional bulthauo. Every bulthaup kitchen is unique, since every living space planned and created with bulthaup is tailored to the specific needs of the user. Using modern laser technology, the laminate surfaces and edges are joined totally seamlessly. Materials Passion for authenticity. Aesthetics and functionality are beautifully balanced in this unit.

Wood Every tree is a unique creation, just like your kitchen People feel secure in a room done in wood. For further information, please consult the Data Privacy Notice.