July 2, 2020

pages, with coloured ill Portoguese text With pre-philately, letter rating up to , blocs, vending machine stamps, First Day Cover, p. Nossa hipótese é que, por meio dos selos, a prática esportiva foi mobilizada como entre as diversas partes constituintes do Império (Melo e Bittencourt, ). .. no “Catálogo Especializado de Selos das Colônias Portuguesas/ Afinsa”. Afinsa (Portugal); Anfils (Spain); Australasian stamp catalogue (Australia); Austria Froede (Germany, active to ); Hellas stamp catalogue and postal Schiffer catalog: Catálogo de Selos do Brasil (Brazil); Scott catalogue ( USA).

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afjnsa Small-large representations of the Portuguese Empire: InPortuguese government launched the stamp series “Sporting Modalities”: This study aims to analyze the launch of these stamps, in order to discuss the presence of sports under Portuguese colonial policy in the s. We worked on the hypothesis that, through the stamps, sport was mobilized as a strategy to conform a representation of empire, harmonious and multiracial, which responded to pressures that hung over Portuguese colonialism.


List of stamp catalogues

Revogou-se, por exemplo, emo Ato Colonial. Sugere a autora que, se os jogadores negros afinxa eram considerados exemplos da garra e da fibra lusitana, isso se dava porque, supostamente, Portugal lhes oferecera a oportunidade de desenvolver tais comportamentos.

Todavia, havia muitas peculiaridades. Atentemos, contudo, para uma peculiaridade. Dois selos de Cabo Verde: The migration of the Black Panther: Palgrave Macmillan,p. Rio de Janeiro, Companhia das Letras, Mais do que um jogo: Postage stamps and hierarchies of social memory.

The Journal of Pacific Historyv. The International Journal of the History of Sportv. Brazilian Journalism Researchv. O jogo de Salazar: Casa das Letras, All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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