June 20, 2020

Elena Fortún has 30 books on Goodreads with ratings. Elena Fortún’s most popular book is Celia en la revolución (Celia, #21). ELENA FORTÚN (). Se dedicó preferentemente a la literatura para niños. Sus títulos más conocidos son: Celia en el colegio, Celia institutriz. Results 1 – 12 of 37 Cuchifritín el hermano de Celia / Cuchifritin Celia’s Brother (Spanish Edition). Jun 30, by Elena Fortún.

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Books for children and books for young adults play a key role shaping culture and reflecting both history and national identity. During the Spanish transition to democracy, when I was 9 years old, my mother bought me a book about a girl who had lived in Madrid many years ago.

Elena Fortún – Wikipedia

My generation did not study the war at school, we did not know what the Second Republic was and Franco soon became another ghost in our history.

I do not live in Spain yet Spain is at the centre of what I do every day.

To me this generation represents more than anything the struggle of Spain to reach modernity and I believe there is a lot to be learned from their work and their feminist views.

Celia still is my favourite literary character, as is for generations of Spaniards who read her e,ena since they appeared for the first time in the press in the roaring s.


Elena Fortún

The first 5 books of the series have forun through different reprints, they are very well known and incredibly funny and entertaining while also pieces of great literature. However, the volumes written in exile, the most controversial ones, have not been reprinted since the early s. The 20 books of her saga have a place of pride in my Exeter home. Spanish audiences are receiving these works with great excitement. Oculto sendero Hidden Path.

Just as much as she had to hide to write so that her husband did not see her, she also had to hide to love; the process of understanding and coming to terms with her way of feeling love happened hidden. It was a hidden path.

Elena Fortun and Celia, Feminist Writing, Children’s Literature and Spanish History

It took her a lifetime to understand what she felt for women. She had always needed to reveal herself in writing through Celia and there came a moment when the need to come out became so strong she eleja textual shape to the most controversial part of her identity: She became a writer late in life, thanks to the development of the feminist movement in the s and s. Equally, late in life she realised she should have never married.



Hidden Path explains a process of learning about homosexuality at a time homosexuality stopped being seen as a crime only to be regarded as a pathology. I have enjoyed analysing her feminist writing and preparing an anthology of unpublished letters and essays, I now continue to write about her work and her life and I feel privileged to contribute to the process of coming out she started but never got round to finishing.

Listen to a recent radio documentary that Prof. I would love to read the Celia books and consider them for our list. Would you know where to buy old editions? Best regards, Elena Mannion, Publisher. Your email address will not be published.

La obra mágica de Elena Fortún: los cuentos revolucionarios de la pequeña Celia –

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