May 7, 2020

1. 1. B 5 5. 5 5. C. 1. 1. D 2. 2. E. F. G. H. Non-Standard Distribution Qualification Manual, COMDTINST M (series), Conventional. (f) Boat Crew Training Manual, COMDTINST M (series). (g) Casualty .. h. Recommend performance requirements for boat crew positions that would enhance proficiency and safety. Oxyacetylene PQS. M (series) v. H. IONSCAN Program Refs (a) DSF Tactical Operators Policy COMDTINST (j) Water Survival Training Program DOGINST M (PQS only) 4. Carrier Pouches/straps/accessories: Pouches stowed properly; no loose.

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On the women’s light blue overblouse, the nametag will be worn so that it is level and centered on the right side of the shirtfront in the same approximate position that it would be worn on a properly fitting comdtist blue shirt with pockets. There is no miniature version. The uniform item must be rendered unserviceable by burning, tearing, cutting, etc.

Merchant Marine Mariner s Ribbon: Manner of Wear 3.

DOC File – maritime DC & PPE Information Center

Optional for women if no sword worn. Heat, fire and smoke alarms, flooding indicators and compartment cameras working properly.

Solid Pewter and Gold-Toned Insignia advanced qualification: Since it is impossible to predict, and comvtinst regulate, future fads and fashion, commands will maintain a conservative stance in interpretation of these regulations, while concurrently forwarding recommended changes via the Uniform Board process see Section 1. When such clothing is authorized, appropriate Coast Guard insignia will be worn. William the Marshal may be one of the most famous names of the. When worn with a letter device, letter is centered and first star is worn on the wearer comdtinsf right, the second on the left, etc.


DC FORMAL SCHOOLS ppt video online download

Up to five miniature medals in a row may be worn. Transfer of fuel 2. Full-size devices will be worn on full dress uniforms. It cannot coomdtinst with the proper wear or functioning of protective clothing or equipment. It may have an optional slit at both side seams reaching no higher than mid-calf. Overlap is not authorized.


The SDB coat must be readily available. For E-1 through E-3 a miniature version of the Coast Guard medallion, approximately 1 inch in size. Operational Dress Uniform Notes: All other E-7 m3520.4 E-9 will have a rating emblem placed between the eagle and the chevron s indicating the wearer s specific rating. Fire Department Environmental Emergency Procedures: White pique cloth for men only.

With Multiple medals, medals may overlap the lapel and extend onto comdtinat chest area. Participating in public speeches, interviews, picket lines, marches or rallies not specifically approved or sanctioned by the Coast Guard 2 Note 2-Unless the wear of the uniform is pursuant to command participation in a community event per article 3.

While each ship may differ in the type and allowance of firefighting equipment, fire prevention policies and programs are universally applicable onboard Coast Guard cutters. The stripe is placed diagonally at a degree angle with the lower edge of the lowest stripe 2 inches from the cuff.

For captains and commanders, the visor is covered in one row of gold acorns and oak leaves along the xomdtinst. Full Dress White Centered immediately above the left chest pocket flap when worn on the blue or white officers only Service Dress Coats.


This scarf is worn under the windbreaker, work jacket, and condtinst weather parka II. Although the use of hand-held electronic devices is discouraged, limited use for official business is authorized. Do not center on the medals.

All other colors are prohibited. Footwear Brass Watches Bracelets Necklaces Identification Tags Rings Oxfords, pumps, or flats shined, boots well blackened, edges dressed, all in good condition.

DOC File – maritime DC & PPE Information Center

It is fully lined with a slit at the kick pleat opening. Men The White Dress trousers are of a conventional design and of the same material and color as the Service Dress White coat. The old style formal white shirt with a ruffled front may be worn as an optional item until no longer serviceable.

Gold embroidery for E-7 and above on white material. Material condition properly set to inhibit the spread of fire or flooding, with violations logged within the DC Closure Log IAW reference c.

If waiver approved, members will not shave any facial hair.