May 15, 2020

(i) The Dhammasangani contains detailed enumeration of all phenomena. Dhammasangani is the title given to the first book of the Abhidhamma Pitaka. Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Public domain books belong to the public and we . The English edition of the Pali text, prepared for the Pali Text Society by Professor . No one acquainted with those books, and with the Dhamma- Sangani, will.

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I have thought it sufficient to name only these excluded factors. The nobler mastery learned Where inward vision over impulse dhammasanvani. Cf Yinaya Texts S. The affix dhatu, whether appended to mano or to manovinnanam, probably stands for a slight distinc- tion in aspect of the intellectual process.

Gotama and his apostles were conversant with the best culture of their age, yet when they shape their discourse according to anything we should call logic, they fall into it rather than wield it after the conscious dhammasangaani of Plato or Aristotle.

Good in relation to the Universe of Form rupavacara- kusalam It is, perhaps, not surprising that so much of this kind of material has survived within the four corners of the Pitakas. But dhammqsangani did not, or would not, wrench himself radically out of the primitive soil and plant his thought on a fresh basis, as the Buddhist dared to do.

When, that he may attain to the heavens of Form, 1 he 2 cultivates the way thereto, aloof from sensuous appetites, aloof from evil ideas, 3 and so, by earth-gazing, enters 4 into 1 See Introduction. Contact, joy, thinking, self-collectedness ; the faculties of faith, concentration, energy, wisdom, mindfulness, vitality ; right engilsh, right endeavour, etc. The Second Path p. I do not pretend that the four following pairs of words fit those in the text exactly.


The fact of the omission engilsh the nature of the two omitted kasinas are commented on by Buddhaghosa Asl. Contact, thinking, discursive thought, joy, etc. Cakkhum arammanam sampaticcha- yamanam eva rupamhi patihanhati nama. This factor is the exploitation by philosophy, not of a primitive Weltanschauungbut of a fundamental fact in intellectual procedure and intellectual economy.

Sire, it is conduct that is blameless a n a v a j j o. Yet for all this world of difference in the quo vadis of aspiration, there is a great deal of common ground covered by the moral consciousness in each case, as the respective expositions show. The term appamanam dhammasanbani merely a relativenot an absolute infinitude, there is only a difference of degree in the depth, purifying efficacy, or what not, of the Jhana attained to.

But the answers are given, not in terms of respective function or of mutual relation, but of either synonyms, or of modes or constituent parts. Under cetana he expatiates in forcible similes, describing it as a process of activity and toil, and as a co-ordinating, order- ing function.

Thus the 1 P. But just as dukkham means, not so much pain as ill-being or misery, so does sukham mean well-being or sane and sound caenaesthesis.

Full text of “Dhammasangani”

The Suttanta Pairs of Terms suttantika-duka. We encourage the use of public dhammasangaji materials for these purposes and may be able to help. That this is so, as well as the fact dhammaszngani we are bred on a culture so different in mould and methods let alone the circumstances of its develop- ment from that inherited by him, must lend his interpreta- tions an importance and a suggestiveness far greater than that which the writings of any Christian commentator on the Greek philosophy can possess for us.

And it may prove useful to summarize briefly such contribution as may lie therein to the psychology of Buddhism.



The absence of lust, of lusting, of lustfulness, which there is on that occasion, the absence of infatuation, the feeling and being infatuated, the absence of covetousness, that absence of lust which is the root of good 3 — this is the absence of lust that there then is. In hot water, as the Cy. That had form ; so had this.

Thence pleasure becomes prominent.

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Abhidhamma Pitaka Pali Buddhist texts. Much more is this true of them when collocated in the human organism. The Group of the Hindrances niivarana-gocchaka. The Group of the Floods ogha-gocchaka. Neglish merely signified that unhealthy moral conditions had wholly passed away.

Ajjhattika-bahira pathavl etassa kaya- pasadassa arammanagahane. Nor are the negatives always on the side of evil.

And this selective instinct, entlish in strength, appears, not only in connexion with sense-impressions, but also in our more persisting tendencies and interests, as well as in a general disposition to concentration or to distraction.

The whole working out of his theory is an attempt to translate in terms of a detailed and consecutive physiological process the primitive, naive view of cognition. They are there shown to be either rupino, having form, or a-rupino, not having form. Again, a little later p. What is the pa dhammasagani of mano — of recollection sati — of emancipation — of Nirvana? But in the former work we find numerous lists for exercise in the contemplative life, with or without the rapt musing called Jhana.