November 16, 2020

Again, the eBooks reproduce the text, though not the exact visual likeness, of the original publications. They have been created through a process of scanning. history of the Sixth Edition of the Discourses should refer to. Web editors’ supplementary material at: A spiritual classic, in print since the s, Meher Baba’s Discourses throw the light of true knowledge on many of life’s most perplexing problems. Inspiring and .

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The first fundamental force known to have split as an independent principle from the original primordial unity in recent Cosmology is gravity. According to the predominant part of the personality involved in the meditation, Baba distinguishes between “discriminative meditation”, where the intellect is predominant and can include both types of the previous system, the “meditation of the heart”, where the heart is predominant in a steady flow of love from the aspirant towards the Divine Beloved, and the “meditation of action”, where the active babw of man is predominant, in the form of selfless service of the Master or humanity.

The sections on reincarnation are the best I’ve ever read.

But while errors on objective facts such as the size of an object can be relatively easily corrected, errors in valuation such as considering rituals as ends in themselves are much harder to correct, because they are connected to subjective desires. In the animal kingdom this love becomes explicit in conscious processes through instinctive drives. From the effort to resolve the conflicts brought about between love and reason there arises spiritual progress.

He warns also that many disturbing thoughts are bound to try to distract the mind from its object and he advises patience and the confidence that they will subside. Due to the nature of the Discoursessome topics occur repeatedly in various contexts. In the associative type the synthetic activity of the mind Anwaya is involved, while in the dissociative type the analytic activity of the mind Vyatireka is at work.


Spontaneity and love for the object of meditation are of utmost importance. Preview — Discourses by Meher Baba. With his mandali circle of discipleshe spent long periods in seclusion, during which time he often fasted.

Discourses (Meher Baba) – Wikipedia

As a result, in a Revised Sixth Edition – based on the printing of the sixth edition – was published by Sheriar Foundation as a four-volume set, comprising the three original volumes of the sixth edition plus an additional volume that includes a history of the Discoursesappendices, bibliography, register of editorial alterations, glossary, and an index.

This is a must-read for any lover of Baba I have heard many say discorses Discourses is difficult to read, but I found it most enjoyable. The mental processes are partly dependent upon the immediately given objective situation, and partly dependent upon the functioning of accumulated sanskaras or impressions of previous experience Love pervades the universe. In the Discourseslove is mentioned in many forms.

InMeher Baba made the first of many visits to the West, where he attracted followers. Worry is experienced when things go wrong, but in relation to past happenings it is idle merely to wish that they might have been otherwise.

Discourses by Meher Baba

Stephen Burras dizcourses it it was amazing Feb 23, In human love the duality of the lover and the Beloved persist. Cathy Broadley rated it it was amazing Oct 07, In the s, as a meuer of a series of board meetings on publication policies, the Avatar Meher Baba Trust decided to additionally re-release the sixth edition, being the last version of the Discourses checked and approved by Meher Baba personally.


He also traveled widely, held public gatherings and enga Meher Baba was an Indian spiritual master who said he was the Avatar, God in human form. But, things can never be helped merely by worrying. Open Preview See a Problem? Purdom titled God to Man and Man to God: In the course of evolution sanskaras play a vital role in the formation of consciousness, and thus eventually bring about self-awareness in the human form, where full consciousness is achieved.

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Discourses Audio Books

An individual has to develop a conscious longing for this love and has to give up all forms of desires except for the desire to attain it. Dissociative meditation prepares the way for associative meditation, which is spiritually more fruitful than the former.

Yet the book maintains a methodical flow and structure rather than being a random collection of individual discourses. Maya is not unreal; it is that which makes the real appear unreal and the unreal appear real. Each one operates almost separately meheg the other. The use of the term Ego in the Discourses does not follow the Freudian definition, although generally it refers to the same concept and many parallels can be drawn.

Very relevant for this day and age.