June 30, 2020

Lisa Loomer has done it again. She’s simultaneously written a riotously funny play and tackled an important social issue. She’s applied her gift for blending. Distracted – Acting Edition has 63 ratings and 7 reviews. Matt said: Essentially a play about the complexity of raising a child with ADHD. The humor is v. Playwright Lisa Loomer explores the question, “What is A.D.D. in an A.D.D. world ?” in her play “Distracted,” opening at Virginia Tech on Oct. 3.

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In its preem at the Mark Taper Forum, play may exhaust and at times dismay, but its fundamental warmth and sincerity are consistently disarming. And your attention will never wander. Setup is as simple as the working-out is intricate: His function is distgacted act as the mouthpiece for skepticism, no matter what cause or treatment Mama investigates.


It propels her into an endless loop of doctor appointments, clinic visits, parent-teacher conferences and backyard chats that lead to yet looomer doctor referrals.

Lisa Loomer’s ‘Distracted’ diagnoses our society’s ADD – The Boston Globe

Each diagnosis proves faulty; each remedy from the homeopathic to fistracted hard drug falls short. Wilson rises to the demands of her role with aplomb.

Some will find the monomania oppressive, despite ample leavening humor and a host of colorful performances. Helmer Leonard Foglia keeps his skillful ensemble to a crackling pace. Pinchot demonstrates the versatility of a Groundlings virtuoso as four distinct doctors, at one point playing two simultaneously.

After two acts of deepening conundrum, denouement will strike aud as either maddeningly trite or magically right. Loomer has kept Jesse in an offstage upstairs room like the first Mrs. For the first time Russell H.

Champa has Elaine J. Making the kid the cistracted center of attention after all? Directed by Leonard Foglia. Sets and projections, Elaine J. Champa; sound design, Jon Gottlieb; production stage manager, David S. Opened, reviewed March 25, Runs through April Zavala – Bronson Pinchot Mrs.


Distracted poses questions surrounding attention deficit disorder

Bryan Rabin and Adam Bravin will transform the iconic Mr. Winston Duke has had quite a year.

Building on a beloved story is always a challenge. You will be redirected back to your article diistracted seconds. Lisa Loomer’s written the play for you. Premier Logo Created with Sketch. Please fill out this field with valid email address. Advertise About Tips Contact Us.