July 26, 2020

Powered speaker optimizer • Read online or download PDF • dbx DriveRack PX Manual User Manual. View and Download Dbx PX user manual online. Powered Speaker Optimizer. PX Accessories pdf manual download. Also for: Driverack px. Get dbx DriveRack PX Manual Instruction Manual. Get all dbx manuals!.

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The lightning flash with arrowpoint inan equilateral triangle means that there are dangerous voltages present withinthe unit. Operation is subject to the following twoconditions: Operation of this unit within significantelectromagnetic mamual should be avoided. Table of ContentsSection 1- Introduction Section 2- Getting Started It even includes stereo or mono subwoofersupport.

With driveraci included dbx M2 measurement mic, Auto-EQ corrects for audibledeficiencies in the room environment. Be prepared to accuratelydescribe the problem. Know the serial number of your unit – this is printed on a stickerattached to the bottom panel.

If you have not already taken the time to fill out your warrantyregistration card and send driverafk in, please do so now. Before you return a product to the factory for service, we recommend you refer to the manual.

The warranty registration card that accompanies this product must be mailed within 30days after purchase date to validate this warranty. Proof-of-purchase is considered to be theburden of the consumer. An IEC cord is included.

The display will also notify the user if any internal clipping is taking place withinthe unit. Thedisplay provides you with a clear and concise overview of each aspect of the signal path fromthe input to the output section. These allow for quick and accurate venue setups. Press hold any button in the Wizard section of the frontpanel to access them.

Notethat you can scroll by category by pressing driverxck Select knob and placing the arrow next tothe category heading above the speaker name. Press the Select knob again to place thearrow next to the speaker name to scroll by speaker name. The display will look like this: It is recommended that you use theincluded dbx M2 RTA microphone, placed somewhere close to the middle of where youraudience will be.


Rotating the wheel clockwise and counterclockwise will toggle between the two modes.

You can also select either mode as thedefault in the Utility menu. Regardless, the display will appear something like this: AutoEQ can be aborted at any point in the process by pressing the button.

Dbx PX User Manual

This will rangefrom values Live and Fixed filter types differ inthat FIXED mode filters are automatically assigned to a frequency creating feedback,thus remaining at that frequency until cleared by the user.

For moreinformation regarding feedback elimination, please see the AFS parameters of the Detailedparameters section. Navigate through the Pages of the Compressor module by pressing the”Next Page” or “Prev Page” buttons successively until you arrive at the desired Page.

Pressing the Data Wheel will select the parameter to be edited. Turn the Data wheel to select a preset; press the Data wheel to load the preset. Press the Data wheel to load the preset. Navigating the Store Section3. Press and holdto enter the first page of the Powered Speaker Setup Wizard.

If AFS is Off, the filters are bypassed, and the algorithmis halted the filters are not updated.

dbx DriveRack PX Manual : Instruction Manual

If Clear Live is selected, then if invoked the live filters arereset. If Clear All is selected, then if invoked all of the filters are reset. Likewise, ifthe number of Fixed filters goes up and thus the number of live filters goes downthen thelast live filter set will be reset. It is generally not a good idea to use this featurewithout a subwoofer.

For light compressionchoose a lower ratio, while a heavy compression requires a higher ratio. A setting of Inf: This allows the userto drive the speaker in its optimum frequency range and send each output separately for moreefficient use of amplifier power. Theseapplications can be used verbatim, or as sample reference guide templates for designingnumerous audio applications. Use the Wizard to set up a specific preset.


Connect the outputs of the sub speaker to the satellite speakers. Press and hold the button to begin. The Soft Reset resets all operating parameters except user presets. The Hard Reset Procedure will reset all preset information back to the factory defaults. All Power-Up Functions require a button s to be pressed and held as the unit power is turnedon. System Unlocked All user input will be accepted to exitorSystem Locked!

No user input will be accepted to exitorFilter Unlocked.

The Auto-EQ can be used to adjust your system to compensate for room effects, andto adjust the response of the entire system to your liking. The low end will have more definition, the midswill be more intelligible, and the highs can be tamed. StMainsMSubStereo powered full-range speakers with a mono powered subwoofer.

StMainsSSubStereo powered full-range speakers with stereo powered subwoofers. These toolscan make your system more efficient and better sounding, but to get the best possible soundit is important to use these tools properly. If you use the Wizard to set up your DriveRack PX it willautomatically set the limiters for some powered speaker selections.

You have just maximized the gain through your system. These setting should giveyou maximum gain without clipping, another way of say this is that when the output of yourmixer is clipping you will also be at the clip point of your powered speakers. Page 4 Table of ContentsSection 1- Introduction Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Tell us what’s missing. Tell us about it. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located.

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