May 15, 2020

Hi all, just wondering whether the eldar phoenix bomber rules are in the aerenautica book, as IA 11 appears to longer be available, or is it. I just picked up the Phoenix Bomber (some of the final parts of my corsair list are coming together) I have AI but am wondering if there are. As the title says anyone got a reference for where i can get up-to-date rules for the Phoenix and Nightwing? They’re not in IA11 only the.

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Used at the beginning of the game but before the first player turn has begun. Baharroth is another candidate for a rounded list, as he can make any nearby Aspect Warriors borderline fearless and can redeploy to anywhere on the map as needed. As for the Horrify power, it is better reserved for units like the Hemlock Wraithfighter, which is far more suited for the Leadership bombing role than banshees are. Pick a friendly Farseer.

Farseers and Spiritseers are perfectly viable as well, and can take the Shiftshroud of Allansair for consistent -2 eldat hit modifiers can also take in conjunction with ekdar Autarch and his Shimmerplume if you can spare the CP for it.

I just got a Phoenix, haven’t used it yet. You will maximize the number of Runes of Battle your Warlocks can cast while simultaneously maximizing the number of Banshees crammed bombrr the Wave Serpent with them. If your friends would be ok with you using the rules from IA11 or if you feign ignorance which hurts you more than them as the Phoenix and Nightwing gained some awesome rules here’s a link to FWs FAQ which states the use of the aircraft in CWE armies: The chances of this are very slim.

Remember that you drop down during the Movement Phase so the vehicle has to sit still for a turn. However despite its loss in performance the Phoenix is still an outstanding aircraft, capable of tangling with bombdr Imperial fighter aircraft and still coming out on top.

Each unit plays a very particular role, usually, everyone in a squad has the same gun and the squad as a whole aims for one goal, as opposed to squads of dudes each toting a different gun for a different kind of foe.

Named Characters must take the Craftworld Trait associated with their Craftworld. Dire Avengers and Rangers are cheaper if you plan to save your points for Wraith units, and also appreciate the morale immunity should you max out their squad sizes as well.


The Missile examples given are one use only. Looks like I need to buy yet another highly expensive book for a page or so of stat lines! Despite how durable wraith units are, they don’t appreciate having to slowly slog it across the field with either melee or flamer-range weapons while your opponent lights them up with all manner of heavy firepower from half a table away.

Last post 8 years ago. A note on Drop Pods: Jain Zar and Karandrasfor obvious reasons.

Additionally, this doesn’t change any of the tags on the Corsairs themselves, meaning all Stratagems, auras and non-Ynnari psychic powers cannot affect them. Lastly, the Avatar of Khaine is a serious consideration for larger point lists; Biel-Tan’s exclusive Court of the Young King stratagem is improved considerably by using it on the Avatar, and is truly a force to be feared in short range and melee combat.

Phoenix – 1d4chan

Now that most of them have the degrading statlines typical of larger units, one bad turn of concentrated fire can completely cripple your LoW and render them essentially useless for the rest of the game.

Wraithblades – Wraithguard – Wraithknight – Wraithlord phoenis Wraithseer. Your ad here, right now: Do note that using this tactic offensively will likely only work once or twice against most people, and even then you shouldn’t base your core strategy around it. One fun but costly idea is to combine this with the Celestial Shield Stratagem on Guardians to really infuriate your opponent.

Fules terms of armaments and the amount of Dakka it can ohoenix, the Phoenix holds a pair of twin-linked Rulfs Cannons mounted in the craft’s nose for engaging other aircraft or infantry units, while below the fuselage is a single centerline-mounted Pulse Laser for pinpoint accuracy against hardened ground targets such as Terminators or Dreadnoughts.

Email notifications for threads you want to watch closely. As far as the number of Warlocks you’re taking, if you’re confident that you can keep your Warlocks safe remember, they’re not characters in a conclavefeel free to take just 4 and fill the rest of the Serpent with more Banshees. Regardless of your choice, a unit or two of Striking Scorpions makes for an ideal assassination unit, especially if accompanied by Karandras for the extra bite.

If the unit in question is within 6″ of the Avatar of Khaine when the stratagem is used i.


Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Eldar(8E)

Hemlock Wraithfighters are arguably more useful though, given their S12 autohitting D-Scythes and as an extra vector for Runes of Battle debuffs. Do note that Wave Serpents get the respective twin version, which in the case of Scatter Laser, Star Cannon and Shuriken Canon gets a small price discount compared to two single weapons. Try to save it for tournaments or games against irregular opponents and if you’re confident you can afford the CP or potential risk to your important units.

Alaitoc is probably the default Attribute for many armies, specialized or no, simply because an army wide -1 to hit modifier benefits almost every unit you can field. Combined with Pulse Laser Discharge, this stratagem can wreak absolute havoc on almost everything in the game. Additionally, these individual Warlocks are in fact Characters, and will be considerably easier to keep safe from enemy fire. ConversionEldarNightwing. Congrats now you can cast 21 powers per turn in matched play. Posted December 24, You cannot use both Cloud Strike and Webway Strike in the same game, you have to choose one or the other.

This is huge in a game where most of the missions are about capturing objectives. Guardian Defenderswhile more expensive and considerably more cowardly, can still easily take advantage of the Shuriken support and make for a relatively strong objective securing unit.

Warp Spiders can easily bump up to a -4 to hit modifier much the same way Shadow Spectres can; Flicker Jump, Conceal and Lightning Fast reflexes can all be stacked if your Spiders find themselves in a pinch, though keeping enemy units further than 12″ away may prove challenging since that just happens to be the range of their Death Spinners. Pick an Asuryani unit that has fallen back this turn; it can now shoot and charge despite having fallen back.

Retrieved from ” https: To all the jetbike fans, this’ll let you slap heavy weapons back on your bikes so you can relive those 7th edition memories of “relentless” jetbikes.

Crimson Fists Rules Leaked. The FAQ can be found at http: In general flyers are overpriced, but offer directed firepower at any point on the table.

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