May 2, 2020

I AM NOT RUTH BEEBE HILL and I’ve never been able to read “Hanta Yo” past the first few pages without laughing. Here’s an ASAIL review. Hanta Yo by Ruth Beebe Hill – book cover, description, publication history. Ruth Beebe Hill, rugged individual, linguist and hard-working writer, Hill’s epic Indian novel, “Hanta Yo,” 30 years in preparation and

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Hanta Yo: An American Saga

I remember the fervor more than I do the book. Hanta Yo is an impressive work of imagination in the sense that it attempts to capture the unique experience and world view held by Lakota people in the late 18th and early 19th century, a time of cultural flourishing and early European contact.

They translated everything from native dialect to English and back to native dialect to ensure not only the translation was correct, the essence of the meanings were accurately conveyed. It shows a culture which respects individual choice above all else. Be it hanga or fiction or some combination of the two, this book really filled me in on Native American life.

But then the Indian nation oftentimes seems a better critic of others work than publisher of their own interpretive material. Set in the years tothe finished film focused on a young brave named Ahbleza, the son of Olepi, chief of a fictional lakota -speaking tribe, the Mahto ‘Bear’. Hanto Yo hantta her hands down favorite and she convinced me to read it.

However, though I do understand this story is probably very historically accurate and is written in an effort to make us all understand and to learn, this was more like reading a high school textbook.



That was another bump. Iles 1jefbra2 1Teichrib 1 — more. There now is great controversy about this book. The story spans 2 generations and about 80 years in the life of two Laktota families and two principal men – a “dreaming pair” – a Shirtman roughly, leaderAhbleza and a Scout, Tonweya.

Ruth Beebe Hill | LibraryThing

For more help see the Common Knowledge help page. It seemed overly to the point of ad naseum engorged with dry, mundane details. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Hill claimed it was translated from modern English into an archaic Lakotah dialect and then back into the English of the Hant Dictionsary to give it authenticity to her portrayal of the tenor and flavor of the times.

Hanta Yo by Ruth Beebe Hill

When the project finally aired on May 20 through 21,its running time and budget had been cut in half, and the producer was obliged to qualify the credits by noting hnta the teleplay was based partially on Hill’s book, but mostly on “other sources”. To ask other readers questions about Hanta Yoplease sign up.

It was worth it! Stan Margulie David L. I felt completely immersed in the culture of the Dakotah. Hill had this translated into To and back to english to capture the wonderful rutj. Accumulating winter counts that predated the Civil War, Hill pieced together a culture of a particular band of Sioux Indians. In my humble opinion, a great dis-service was done to the 7 Circles by preventing the publication of this book as a TV series or movie.

Suddenly, all of the Native American support that had been promised to the miniseries version of Hanta Yo evaporated. Mixing the assumed innate virtue of childlike primitives with the bourgeois conviction that wealth is a reward for superiority, there is a whole genre of these books. So shocked that I failed to pay, but Wilma — grasping the situation — merely stopped me at the post office next day and I paid then. She found someone who was willing to help her write the book so that she did it righ I stumbled across this book by accident when it was first published.


I truly enjoy some meat to a story and prefer true life or based on true life, and absolutely love the Bfebe lifestyle and all that it entails so this one sounded right up my alley. Wolper announced plans for a ten-hour adaptation of Hanta Yoan epic historical novel by Ruth Beebe Hill. It moved really slow and couldn’t hold my interest, at times.

This book, also called the “Mystic Warrior” is one of my all time favorites. Among my top five lifetime reads. The reader is invited into the thoughts and practices, the history and politics of both intra and inter-tribal life.

The tale also keeps its momentum, not wavering or slowing toward the end. Be it fact or fiction o This book was basically forced upon me by my father, which is a rare thing. For those of you that don’t know, this book is an actual history of a tribe of Lakota, Sioux. An American Saga Author s: