ICEA S-95-658 PDF

ICEA S-95-658 PDF


August 30, 2020

Single- or multiconductor – V – 90ºC – ICEA S Halogen-free (LSZH- HFFR). MH. Applications. Recommended for use in highly populated enclosed. ANSI/NEMA WC ICEA S Power Cables Rated Volts or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy Published by National. ANSINEMAWC70ICEANonshielded Power Cables Rated Volts or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy-Applies to materials, constructions.

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Supplementary outer coverings for corrosion or other protection shall be applied when required. This standard is also available to be included in Standards Subscriptions.

Method of conductor identification. Where an assembly of twisted single conductor cables is subjected to the direct current spark test, the individual conductors shall be similarly tested prior s-59-658 assembly.

Diameter tolerances for the armor wire sizes are given in S9-5-658 Coated wires shall be used in conjunction with aluminum tape shields to protect against electrolytic corrosion. Specimens may be immersed in a common bath. When an interlocked tape or continuously corrugated armor is to be applied, any suitable separator tape may be used over the sheath. Interlocked metal tape armor or continuously corrugated armor without an outer covering but with either a bedding or a jacket under the armor is suitable for cables for indoor use and for outdoor aerial service.

This Standard does not require any specific frequencies s-95-58 sampling for test of cable products or components. For multiple conductor cables with individual conductors having a metallic sheath or armor over the cable assembly, the idea voltage shall be applied between each insulated conductor and all other conductors and ground. Proceed to Checkout Continue Shopping. The effective speed of rotation shall not exceed 60 rpm. The insulation shall be one of the classes given in Table The requirements of Division I pertaining to quality of materials, design, and construction apply also to the buried round wire armored ciea except as set forth in the following sections.


Standards Subsctiption may be the perfect solution. It is required for direct burial cable. In icex of testing finished cable jackets, a certification by the manufacturer of the polyethylene compound that this requirement has been complied with shall suffice. The direction of lay may be right-hand or left-hand.

Size of conductor — If conditions require other than standard stranding, a complete description should be given. Ocea any given s-95-65, the maximum diameter, minimum diameter, and two additional diameters which bisect the two angles formed by the maximum and minimum diameters shall be measured.

The thickness of the insulation shall be not less than that given in Tables through for the various insulation types and voltage ratings. The tensile safety factor [based on psi MPa ] shall be not less than five.

Anyone using this document should rely on his or her own independent judgment or, as appropriate, seek the advice of a competent professional in determining the exercise of reasonable care in any given circumstances. Single-conductor cables in sizes 9 AWG and smaller shall not be used for direct earth burial. The metal shield shall be electrically continuous throughout each cable length. Butted tapes shall not be permitted. The alloy shall be determined by the manufacturer unless otherwise agreed upon between the manufacturer and the user.

The respective averages shall be calculated from the five tensile strength and elongation values obtained for the conditioned samples. The conductor s in the cable shall be tested to assure continuity when grounded at one or both ends. The insulating material shall meet the dimensional, electrical and physical requirements specified in Section 3.

See Section 6 for method of measurement.

Power Cables Rated 2, V or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy – NEMA

In extreme cases it may be necessary to use a sector-shaped test specimen cut longitudinally from the insulation sample. All ground connections shall be bonded common.


For this calculation, the area of the conductor also icez the crosssectional area of any separator between the insulation and the conductor. See Section 6 for method of measuring metal tape thickness. When agreed upon between purchaser and manufacturer, other flame tests can be specified.

These averages shall icae divided by the equivalent averages of the five tensile and elongation values obtained for the unaged specimens. For nominal widths greater than 1. See Section 6 4.

For cables or conditions of service where mechanical stresses govern, idea as in submarine cables or long vertical risers, the small conductor sizes may not icex strong enough.

An electrode capable of maintaining contact, throughout its length, with the entire exposed surface of every cable in the assembly. See Table for Use of Factors. These thicknesses apply to jackets only and do not apply to colored coatings used for the purpose of circuit identification on the individual conductors of multiple conductor cables.

Power Cables Rated 2,000 V or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy

s95-658 Need more than one copy? Table applies to the common overall jacket for all round multiple-conductor cables and for flat twin cables. While these cables are applicable to the great majority of cable installations which are on grounded systems, they may be used also on other systems for which the application of cables is acceptable provided the above clearing requirements are met in completely de-energizing the faulted iceq.

Suggestions for improvements gained in the use of this Standard will be welcomed by the Association. For example, a low voltage buzzer or light circuit or dc resistance method may be used. Specimens for aging tests having cable tape applied prior to curing shall be aged with the tape removed.