January 14, 2021

Study Flashcards On Information Dominance Warfare Officer (IDWO) PQS Series Security Fundamentals at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases. The IWO and IDWO PQS represent a comprehensive set of baseline knowledge expected of all IW Officers. While the PQS is Unclassified For. SEE PARA 3 FOR IDWO PQS DETAILS. B. ACCELERATED QUALIFICATION. SOME OFFICERS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR ACCELERATED.

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We need to be very careful with how we approach this otherwise we are diluting the meaning behind the pin that took so long to have ivwo into existence. Also when should one start working on their PQS? There is also a bigger problem here: This is not a ticket that needs to be punched.

BT Apologize for the rant and negativity, but we need to be honest with ourselves. The Boot Camps are NOT designed to provide signatures or take the place of self-study, looking up material in the references, talking to people, etc. Maybe I’m just being a jerk – but we’re earning a warfare qualification here. This is not the first time this has occurred. This is something to be taken seriously and something to be earned. It has been a few years since I attended, but I do recall receiving a sheet with signatures for some sections.

I believe it sells short what they can offer. Not everyone passed these boards. Worked well that they came in a group to use trainers time wisely as well as have study partners. It is easy to say, “If they can’t cut it, we don’t want them” PQS for Noobs question: Also the staggered shifts they came in worked well because a few would qualify or get close to qualifying and be able to help the new arrivals into the process.

It should not be done faster and ifwo.

Information Dominance Warfare Officer board [Image 2 of 2]

The sooner I can get my quals done the better. Are any of the signature blocks completed at IWBC? The JQS was similar to the PQS in terms of it being a list of things that you have to know and get signed off by your supervisor or some other person who is trained to become qualified in your job.


I attended one of these Boot Camps, and the experience was a very valuable one We just had a good number of IW Reservists come through and qualify. Yes, maybe some people are trying to do the minimal amount of work to get through them, but can’t the same be said for some people with regard to ANY process?

Sure there is a fair-share of crap that could probably be done away with.

I’m sure the process could be better, but given that this is something supported up to the 2-star level on the reserve side, what is a way forward other than ivwo discounting them out of hand? I have discussed this with the IDC RC leadership and the conclusion was that we are not actually tracking this, but that based on anecdotal information, it is an issue.

I didn’t expect it to be accepted, and it indeed iwdo, but spending the time I did on that process was well worth it.

Or even worse, have the reference paraphrased by another Candidate who may or not be competent and absorbing that as gospel. Is the goal just to cram a large amount of information into our heads and simply brain dump it all once you get some gold jewelry on your chest.

This time does not have to be consecutive, but is required for proper preparation. The more study pqz can be completed ahead of time, whether drill weekends, short periods of orders, self-study, or Boot Camps, the less time is necessary to be spent on contiguous active duty orders.

There were three months’ worth of weekly 1.

Information Warriors • View topic – IWO and IDWO PQS completion for reservists

I would view any Boot Camp with an eye of scrutiny. Fair-minded individuals may disagree but I believe the challenge and the rigor of the other communities qualification programs adds to the caliber of the officer produced upon designation. Return to Naval Reserve IW. I can’t think of another community that places so much time and effort into spoon-feeding their Candidates.

Is the goal just to cram a large amount of information into our heads and simply brain dump it all once you get some gold jewelry on your chest; or is it to lay the foundation for a career of learning and simultaneously lend some visible credibility to an officer that they idao what they’re doing or at least know where to find the answer when it comes to Information Dominance Warfare when they are given an operational assignment in the Fleet?


This is not meant to replace or supplant the community in our case, IWO qualification process. Given that we only assess IW Officers at each of the two annual RC selection boards, is it a good ROI to go through the lengthy selection process and have these people in the community for years only to have them leave in part because of these difficulties?


Just like in Flight School – live by the gouge, die by the gouge; however, I am seeing more and more reliance and entitlement to the gouge and a very strong push from Candidates for gouge to become gospel. We owe it to ourselves to address this. This is not something to do because it’ll look good in your Shadowbox. But IMHO, officers are ixwo well served by having to go and find a reference, then read the reference for relevant information as opposed to having all the references nicely laid out for them.

DVIDS – Images – Information Dominance Warfare Officer board [Image 2 of 2]

Again, this is not IWO, and while I agree this is ;qs warfare qualification, the question is are we conforming to the instruction, or not? Collateral activities, watch standing, and operations should be kept to an absolute minimum or avoided altogether.

In any case, you will have plenty of resources among the staff pqz to get the signatures you need. I am only 1 of 2 IW Officers in my reserve unit and the other one completed his quals before the last change so it is completely different now.