July 5, 2020

The bearings developed at Livermore employed cylindrical magnet arrays to sta INDUCTRACK MAGLEV SYSTEM could allow trains to glide across the country. Apr 3, High reliability and lower maintenance and operating costs make magnetic levitation (maglev) technology integral to advancing the nation’s. May 9, By contrast, maglev requires complex and expensive infrastructure Called the Inductrack, the new system is passive in that it uses no.

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Much higher speeds than are possible with steel-wheeled trains, lower noise, greater passenger comfort, increased safety against mechanical failures, reduced maintenance.

Higher energy efficiency, safer, less weather-dependent, and would permit in-city departure and arrival. Lower noise, much lower maintenance, greater rider comfort, can climb steeper grades, potentially higher energy efficiency than buses magle rubber-tired urban trains.

Contactless energy transfer system Linear electric motor and guidance system Magnetic levitation inductor Emergency pavement Emergency guidance And braking system Proposed inand under study sincethe Swiss-Metro system inductrwck carry passengers in train cars running every 6 minutes.

The cart is shown in flight approximately 3 centimeters above the track at approximately Under NASA sponsorship, we designed, built, and operated a model Inductrack system to demonstrate the concept, including a pulsed high-acceleration electromagnetic drive system.


Preliminary estimates indicate that a full-scale Inductrack system for magnetically launching large rockets should be technically feasible. Two alternative track designs: Litz-wire cables, encased in stainless steel tubes Slotted, laminated, conductor sheets, bonded and mechanically reinforced Lock. The code predictions are shown for zero and plus and minus 1. The team which also includes several engineering firms in the Pittsburgh, Penn. The advantages of maglev in urban settings relative to conventional urban rail systems include: Lower noise, lower maintenance, higher efficiency, higher grade and tighter turn capabilities allowing operation on elevated tracks that can accommodate to an urban environment without the need for underground-tunnel operation.

Better to satisfy urban moderate speed applications we have developed the Inductrack II configuration, which greatly reduces electromagnetic drag forces at urban speeds relative to Inductrack I, which is more suitable for high-speed applications. The horizontal component of the magnetic fields from the upper and lower Halbach arrays are additive, while the vertical field of the lower array opposes that of the upper array. By adjusting the thickness or the width of the magnets of the lower array relative to the upper array an optimum level of induced levitating current can be achieved for a given levitated weight and magnet weight.

Maglev would offer many advantages as compared to conventional rail systems or inter-city air travel.

S&TR | November Maglev on the Development Track for Urban Transportation

The cost and complexity of presently developed high-speed maglev trains has slowed their deployment. The Inductrack maglev system, employing simple arrays of permanent magnets, may offer an economic alternative to existing maglev systems.


The simplicity of the Inductrack may make it amglev for use in a variety of applications, including urban maglev systems, people movers, and point-to-point shipment of high-value freight The Inductrack, employing Halbach arrays, is an example of a practical application of the results of fundamental studies in magnetics and particle-accelerator physics.

Maglev Trains Trains that fly on air. Presentation Outline How Transrapid works.

askmar – Inductrack

Application information about Transrapid magnetic. Understand a magnetic field as an example of a field of force produced either by current-carrying conductors.

Magnetic propulsion uses the concepts and applications of electromagnets in order to propel an object. Electromagnetic cannon A solenoid can be used to fire a small ball.


A capacitor is used to energize the solenoid coil. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Auth with social network: Registration Forgot your password?

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