May 7, 2020

IT/IT63/ IT Web Technology Question Bank With Answers CSE 6th Semester Regulation | BE Computer Science and Engineering. IT – WEB TECHNOLOGY. Question Bank. 2 Marks & 16 marks. UNIT – I. PART – A. 1. DEFINE INTERNET. Network is an interconnection of systems to. Dear students here we provide question bank for Anna university 6th sem Subject IT WEB TECHNOLOGY question bank pdf. you can download the WT.

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Explain in brief the interaction between a web server and a Servlet. State the use of web server logs and list the contents of a message log.

E Civil 5th Semester Question How Cell Padding is differ from Cell Spacing How to create node tree in hierarchical representation of XML. Explain child elements of. What does ICMP provide? Write the various scope bean and JSP. Explain in detail about Servlet Database Connectivity with an example of Student database. Which of the following is not considered a JavaScript keyword? How to create XSL Style quesyion What is Domain Name Space?


How to create an Object in JavaScript? Write a Java Script program to create Popup box, alert and confirm box.

List the predefined MIME content types. Operators in Java Script b. What are the style precedence rules when using multiple approaches?


Post was not sent – check your email addresses! What gateways does the Entrust Secure Transaction Platform support? What are the types of web services and its uses? Explain POP3 protocol in detail. How to writing the We4b-Service?

What is web server? Explain it qusstion example. Notes on Tomcat Web Server? Write the history of DOM. List out the versions of XML 5. Explain XML Attributes with an example.

List out data types that are available in Web-Service. How you understand about Forms output?

Write the steps for Empty Element. Write short notes on scripting languages.

Benefits to RSS What is undefined value means in JavaScript? How to write Simple Schema? Write a servlet for creating Student Entry form.


IT Web Technology May June Question Paper

Sketch processing of XSLT document. Develop a Rational number class. List out the rules for writing CSS. Discuss in detail bout XML Schema with an example. What are the necessities of using HTML forms? What is the Entrust Verification Service? List out the levels of DOM. What is Web Services with example?