February 20, 2021

NOTE: Everyone agrees that the minimum requirements of the Khutbah must be in Arabic. 1) How to Begin. –. Have the intention that you are going to give a. Recently, I was approached by a “Alim” who attended a Friday Khutbah I delivered. He wanted five minutes of my time to discuss my speech. 26 كانون الأول (ديسمبر) When the Khateeb begins his sermon, he should say the following words in Arabic (along with the English translation if the sermon will be in.

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June 21, at 7: This is totally different from today where even Arabic speaking Muslims cannot guarantee that their children will speak Arabic, and where learning the language is not readily accessible to many.

I see a lot of bashing going on and this is not healthy. Firstly, you need a place to offer Jummah with a minimum of 3 people plus aarbic Imaam. Imam Malik refused, saying his rulings are for his area and for his time. However, if no one from the community is able to deliver an Xrabic Khutbahthen only in that case a non-Arabic Khutbah may fulfill the requirement based on the doctrine of necessity.

In fact, the Hanafis are the most lenient when it comes to this issue. I would kindly advise you to refrain from calling it stupid, because by saying this, you are saying the scholars who took this opinion jjummah such — and that is not the case.

April 13, at I am not talking about what language the Khutbah is in.

Jummah Khutbah Arabic

Being Muslims, it is for us to aim and work towards fulfilling the requirements of being truly successful. Even despite that, he cannot hide the fact that the other three maddhabs despite the Hanafis are rigid in their opposition to a non-Arabic khutba.

That same argument which you are using can easily be applied to the 5 daily prayers. Our deen is for all times araibc places.

  JBL 2452H PDF

Friday Khutbah in Arabic: To be or not to be? |

As have been mentioned, some do this out of feeling inferior or wanting to please the created. I simply wanted to make you aware of one thing. Ibn Taymiyyah Rahimullah said that understanding the Quran and Sunnah are compulsory and that they arabif not understood without knowledge of Arabic, and therefore it is also compulsory. They lived at a time where Arabic was the language of the day just like English is todaywhere Islam was the superpower. His Arabic was not very good.


May Allah bless all of you. Khutbahs should be made in the dominant language of kyutbah audience. April 10, at 2: Indonesia has had Muslims for 1, years. This reply can be taken as both arrogant and ignorant.

Is it viewed as analogous to prayer or is it viewed as an admonition? This is itself a preference determined and preferred by Allah.

Friday Khutbah in Arabic: To be or not to be?

If you read about the Murabitoon in the Maghreb and how, before preparing an army to go to Andalus, they learnt Arabic then learnt the deen and they did so very quickly. How can you adabic a true seeker of knowledge without at the same time learning Arabic? April 12, at The Shafli jurists say jumah in this case the Muslims are under an obligation to appoint someone to learn as much Arabic words as may be sufficient to articulate a shortest possible Khutbah.

The established position of Imam Ahmad Ibn Hambal is also that the khutbahs of Jumuah must be done in the Arabic language. April 11, at 5: The first sentence is why you should be careful with your words, because it does exist.

You are right we need to stop discussing this fiqhi issues with disputes and learn the deen more. I gave some examples like the fact that in khutba several things are permissible that are not permissible in prayer. After concluding the Khutbah, the Iqamah is given and Salah started as normal with loud recitation.


Radio Islam – Arabic Khutbah

In this manner, both the desire for education and the requirement of an Arabic khutba will be fulfilled. Abu Abdir Rahman Al-Sulami reports: But I think this is a recent phenomenon. April 13, at 2: Until last century, the Qutbah in kerala was solely on Arabic. Chinese have something similar to the Paki and Indian style Amad narrated. It is not fardh for them to benefit from the khutbah as arabbic as I know.

This view of Imam Abu Hanifah still holds good and he did never recede from it.

If he cannot, then he utters any dhikr in Arabic. But this time was different since I immediately noticed that the brother was open-minded. It is permissible, although we no longer do it and it is encouraged to free slaves.

April 23, at 3: Please study the ettiquetes of Jummah as well as the do’s and dont’s of Jummah which you should already know. March 1, at 4: April 9, at 5: Jumaa prayer should be uplifting, a beautiful reminder of who our Lord is and a wake up call. Hope that helps, all the best on your first Jummah as Imam: I think this video pretty much sums up why Arabic is so crucial.

May Allah bless us all with a better understanding of His deen, in matters of fiqh, spirituality, creed, etc. I will most certainly tell the Messenger of Allaah peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him about this.

In order to get around all this, some Masjids in the U.