June 23, 2020

Make the Same Trades I Make in My Personal Account. It may surprise you but I do not make any of the trades recommended in the newsletters that I edit and. Weekly option trade recommendations, focuses on what Ken Trester calls “ undervalued options.” (Trester also writes Power Options Weekly, both seem to offer. About Ken Trester. Ken’s options success secret is startlingly simple. It’s a strategy basic to all investing. Ken only recommends cheap, underpriced options.

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It may surprise you but I do not make any of the trades recommended in the newsletters that I edit and you receive. The recommendations in the newsletter are designed for the average options trader with two thoughts in mind. In the newsletter I am first concerned about keeping your risk low. A big part of profitable options trading is keeping risk and losses low.

Second, I look for trades in the newsletter that are simple to implement with the highest degree of profitability. But as a Professional Option Trader I can and do make higher risk trades that are not appropriate for most traders in my own account. After months of internal discussion my staff and I have decided that teester of you are sufficiently experienced that you may want to make the same trades I make, take a little more risk and probably make even more money.

It’s on page of my newest book, Sure Bet Investing I have never been hit by a bad loss even during the crash of There is not another game where you can do that! Frankly I only want serious and experienced traders to subscribe.

Because I am a professional and so I take high risk trades krnneth are not appropriate for the average guy. Only you can decide if you’re ready to walk with me – so read on to see if you qualify.

In a moment I’ll describe my personal trades and how you can trade at my side. I am not diminishing trrster importance, success and profitability of my recommendations kenndth currently get from me. Tester now you the best trades trested publication day for most option traders. Trading with Ken Trester maybe ksnneth advanced for you — maybe not. Remember Trading with Ken Trester is for active, aggressive, experienced and profit hungry traders.

My Personal Portfolio Track Record. Of course your risk and mine is if the stock drops below the strike price. If that occurs you may be forced to buy the stock.

Trading with Ken Trester

So when I sell naked put I do so only with stocks I am comfortable with owning. In fact on occasion I sell puts specifically to buy stock. When trading with me that is a consideration you must make about your own portfolio.

Still in some cases and because of changing market conditions I will buy back the put writes to avoid buying the stock. Obviously, in that case I will take a loss as will you.

Still I rarely buy the stock. In fact in the past 18 months I’ve only bought a few stocks trexter my personal put writes. For example I recently made a quick and profitable trade on Playboy stock.


Speaker Details

You know that history is not a predictor of the future and it is entirely possible that a stock could crash so quickly and so dramatically you and I could be forced to buy a stock at an uncomfortable level. My Personal Trading Technique. I diversify over many different trades and over time and so reduce the risk in selling put options. You should do the same. The Details – How I Trade. So how do I exactly protect myself eknneth risk?

I protect against unforeseen stock collapses by wide diversification.

As I ttrester in my rrester above, “I diversify, diversify, diversify and only take very small positions. Last year I made about trades most of which were naked put writes. Now this is critical — I only write 2 to 5 contracts on each position. Yes, I take very small positions as should you. By keeping each trade relatively small I lower the risk in a single trade and so protect myself from over exposure in just one trade.

In fact if you take big positions you will dramatically increase your risk – perhaps to unacceptably disastrous levels. But only you can determine your level of risk. I also made about 30 option buys and kennth handful of stock trades last year.

My option buys are pretty straightforward and the same consideration must be given to diversification and how much financial risk you want to assume. Again only you can determine how much risk is appropriate for you. My Personal Trading Schedule and Yours.

Trrester a Pro so every day I scour the market to make personal trades. My trades are based on publically available information. I do not have access to or use “insider information. In Trading with Ken Trester and once I confirm that I am going to enter a trade I will alert you by email with a minimum of 5 minutes advance notice of my own trade.

So you have the opportunity to get a good price. Since my trades are small as should be yours competing subscriber trades should not effect the market price. I know you understand the markets and that they fluctuate by the minute so I cannot warrant that your profitability will be identical to mine. It could be better, the same or worse. Both tresteg and my publisher will make every effort to be timely in email delivery and accurate in our recommendations but you should verify all information with your broker.

How to Act on My Recommendations My recommendations always include specific prices and in kejneth case of option buys target profit prices. You will have all the information you need in advance to make the best trseter buy and sell decisions.

You will also get an alert when I close a trade. I will not send alerts if I allow the write to expire. My Personal Trading Schedule and Style. My investments are serious business. I invest to make money. That’s my one never compromise rule. I’ve lost money on stocks but not with writes. Every dime I invest is my future. So I don’t kennet option trading lightly.


Trading with Ken Trester has no “set” schedule — it’s kkenneth as I make a trade personal trade. Several days may go by – maybe 10 days – without a trade and then I may blast out two, three or even four trades on a single day. You see all day long I watch for that special and rare opportunity and when it comes I pounce on it. But I refuse to trade to just trade – I trade when I am convinced that I can make money for my own account. My Trades and Your Portfolio. There’s no sales hype here – just facts and how I play the market with my own money.

As an experienced options trader you know that these option trades instantly deposit money into your trading account. To the professional option player, naked option writing is the Cadillac of the options market. The profit potentials here are greater than in any other segment of the options market. The skilled kennetn disciplined naked option writer can generate healthy returns annually on his investment, and can normally do so consistently over a long period of time. But as an experienced options trader you also know that these trades are considered high risk trades by many brokers.

And that is another reason why my personal trades do not appear in the newsletter you currently get. How I Personally Manage Risk. Still I manage these higher risk trades so I can personally lower the perceived risk.

I do that by following my own advice. I diversify and diversify again – over time and over trades. You need to do the same.

So over a year, that’s what you can expect if you decide to follow me in Trading with Ken Trester. I do not offer personal trading advice but I will tell you that I personally spread my money out over many write positions, and over time to minimize worst case stock collapses.

Finally with naked put writes margin is a consideration. Most but not all brokerages require sufficient capital in a margin to buy the stock if the put crosses below the strike price. Check with your personal brokerage for their standards. Margin requirements and your personal cash can limit the number of trades you can make. When you subscribe you get my newest book, Sure Bet Investingonline.

It’s a helpful and valuable tool to help you trade just like I do. For your help and convenience I’ve also published online three trading reports: You may email us at editor completeoptions. We cannot and will not give individual or personal advice.

Option Trading Secrets by Kenneth R. Trester

We can answer general questions. We respond within 72 hours; usually 24 but not over weekends. This is a limited offer. To maintain trading integrity we will limit the number of subscribers and this offer may be withdrawn at any time without notice.