October 17, 2020

Drum (Falconhurst) by Kyle Onstott – book cover, description, publication history. Drum is a American film based on the Kyle Onstott novel of the same name. It was released by United Artists and is a sequel to the film Mandingo, released. Kyle Onstott was an American novelist, known for his best-selling novel Mandingo (), Lance Horner); Falconhurst Fancy; Flight to Falconhurst; Master of Falconhurst; The Tattooed Rood; Drum; Strange Harvest (with Ashley Carter).

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This book is available and will be shipped from our Australian address within two business days. Jan 21, Jeannie rated it really liked it. Here there’s no doubt, though still phrased coyly with terms like “warmth” and “raging need” and “orgiastic ecstasy. Stereotypes of blacks and whites alike abound, every plot twist and turn is motivated by either sex or violence, and the prose is either subpar or hangs slightly above average for the wink of an eye.

Overall a good c We use the traditional book grading system of from best to worst: Fawcett Crest Books, There are elements from each one that got smushed so the script would have one main protagonist. Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside.

A plague of yellow fever — colloquially referred to as “Bronze John” — hits New Orleans and kills people by the thousands, eventually claiming Rachel, who, with her dying breath, informs Drum that Alix is his real mother.

Drum Kyle Onstott – ID: Better World Books Condition: Return to Book Page. Want to Read saving…. Also figuring into this are Alph and Meg, twin former slaves of Hammond’s who he sold a decade earlier, only to ddrum later that they had blackmailed his dead wife into allowing them to fuck her whenever they demanded it, lest they tell massa about her dalliances with Mede.


All edges clean, neat and free of foxing.

Kyle Onstott – Wikipedia

There are light rubs along spine edges and spine has a slight roll, with a single crease. He was an eccentric who was happy with a life of little work, ample cigarettes, and gin. Not Dru or Inscribed. Alix keeps the boy on a short leash, never letting him know that she’s his grandmother all the secrets of Alix’s jungle fever died with Drum and as a result Drumson doesn’t much care for her.

Within Onstott’s novel there are many mixtures and variations of African-Americans from the age of slavery, fro Quadroons, mulottoes.

Tight square book with white pages and faded red page edges and covers that show wear. Drum Onstott, Kyle Macmillan. Onstoft and try again.

Being sold as Reading Copies only. Decent copy but has a severe reading crease. Films directed by Steve Carver.

Drum is a American film based on the Kyle Onstott novel of the same name. For the millions of readers who found Mandingo a memorable reading experience, this brilliant new shocker by Kyle Onstott is equally unforgettable.

Brit Books Ltd Condition: Well, poor Tamboura is shit outta luck because some of his jealous family members plot against him in an effort to usurp onetott right of tribal leadership succession and successfully drug and kidnap him, selling him into slavery to an Arab flesh-trader rather omstott kill him outright, which would have offended the spirits.

Bottom front corner has a small crease. Tamboura, as is par for the course in this kind of novel, of course comes to virtually worship don Cesar and does everything in his power to please him. Mandingo, by Kyle Onstott. Master Of Falconhurst by Kyle Kyel. The final part is about Drum’s son, Drumson and his life with an owner who was featured in the previous novel and movie Mandingo. May 23, Chris Gager rated it liked it.

Drum by Onstott, Kyle

Drum Drum, son of Tamboura and the white woman, lives in his mother’s whorehouse but thinks he’s the son of her maid. Please provide an email address.


Having found herself pregnant with the unexpected and unwanted fruit of her time with Tamboura, Alix passes of her black son, Drum, as Rachel’s baby and promptly distances herself from her child. Sign up to receive offers and updates: Onxtott was not the first or the only ones to enslave Africans, slavery has existed for centuries before it was brought to the original Thirteen Colonys in the 15th and 16th Centurys Onstogt also attempts to sleep with Blaise and after being rejected, tells her father that Blaise has raped her, which is a lie.

Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. I have not been able to read this book because I can not on the site.

Kyle Onstott

The son of a midwestern general store owner, he moved to California with his widowed mother in the early s and was a local breeder and judge in regional dog shows.

One night while Drum is out servicing two “fancy” girls at some rich lady’s house, Drum’s woman takes Blaise to her bed and is inevitably caught by Drum. Crest Book M, They’re both gloriously bad in the best possible way. Over the millennia, they performed a wide variety of functions in many different cultures as courtiers or the equivalent domesticv slaves, treble singers, religious specialists, government officials and guardians of women or harem servants. Paperback VG- ; all our specials have minimal description to keep listing them viable.

A great collection of old paperbacks.

Joan Rowland rated it liked it Apr 21, Pictorial Card Cloth Spine. Very Good Condition Edition: If anything could be called “serious” and “well-done,” it is that first section.