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Le Charretier de la Providence (Le Livre de Poche) (French Edition) [Georges Simenon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by. Le charretier de “La Providence” is an fairly standard early Maigret where the detective’s famous “method” is on prominent display. Still a member of . Directed by Marcel Cravenne. With Jean Richard, Charles Moulin, Paulette Frantz, FĂ©odor Atkine.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And in the article he continues: I brought it to Paris, where I and it christened on a whim by a priest at Notre Dame Despaired Jean turned rancorous and the callous conditions in the penal colony withered his intellectual abilities. The skeleton in the closet is the ve love of a young doctor for a jazzy, destructive woman who betrays him.

When a second member of the Southern Cross’s party is murdered, Maigret has to uncover the secrets of all concerned, including the mild-mannered carter of the Providence. The book has been translated three times into English: He needed to trudge through the mud, along the tow path, until he reached the lock, which was at two kilometers from Dizy.

The woman is identified as Mary Lampson, wife of an English “milord” travelling through France on his yacht, the Southern Cross. The matter gets even more complicated. The Probidence at Lock 14 Fr.

Le charretier de la providence

Some indications, in particular a badge found at the place of the crime, make Sir Lampson the likely culprit. In reality this canal was constructed in to run parallel to the river Marne. The lock 14 – 15?


Le charretier de la Providence Maigret meets a milord – 2. charertier

On the way back he shed a glance on ‘La Marine’ while passing by, then he was called upon by a pilot. Properly speaking the village has no role whatsoever in the story.

The Lock at Dizy with pleasure craft. Accident brings him in contact with his beloved, whom he murders. Books with missing cover Articles containing French-language text No local image but ,a on Wikidata.

The village of Dizy is situated in the department of the Marne at about Km 87mi east of Paris. Un crime en Hollande – Maigret in Holland. However, the locks and the banks of the canal are excellently maintained.

It would have been easy to put words in the mouths of people like myself. There he had found the house of the lockkeeper, put up in gray stones, with the sign: Maigret is called to a crime scene at Lock 14 on the Marne Canalnear Dizywhen a woman’s body is found in the stable of a canalside inn.

Providecne, the autopsy of Mary’s body reveals certain details that point Maigret’s attention to the barge the “Providence”. In the company of his horses Jean dies as a result of his wounds, surrounded by the almost maternal affection of Hortense Canelle, the bargeman’s wife, and the moved empathy of Maigret. I suspect it’s not So, it is possible, even likely, that also on the spot depicted in the novel there was a bar annex grocery store.


One of the strengths of the novel is how well Simenon constructs the storyline into the setting of canal life made authentic from his personal experience. Sign for the ships coming from Paris indicating the junction. Pleasure craft in the lock of Dizy. Simenon admirably portrays the differences between the two sets of lifestyles. But few of his contemporaries had any idea of the labor and creative energy that went into his easily denigrated novels. dee

Le charretier de “La Providence” – Georges Simenon – Google Books

It is a small community 1. The actor Charles Moulin in the part of the carter Jean Darchambaux. For more background information on the story and Dizyvisit also the Travel Log: In July and AugustSimenon, accompanied by the Czechoslovak photographer Hans Oplatka, went over the charretier undertaken inbut this time by car. Therefore modern commercial barges can not navigate on the canal. La nuit du carrefour – Maigret at the Crossroads. This river meanders considerable, so that the canal, which runs straight for many stretches, is preferable for the barge traffic.

Old photograph with tow horses and carter.