January 9, 2021

Leo Taxil. The tale of the Pope and the Pornographer. It was a practical joke which has gone on to have a ‘life of its own’: Gabriel Jogand-Pag�s, better known. Perhaps no one aspect of anti-Masonic practice has fueled religious zeal greater than the hoax perpetrated by Leo Taxil, shown above right, on Albert Pike. Marie Joseph Gabriel Antoine Jogand-Pagès, aka Leo Taxil. At some point in your Masonic life, you’ll hear anti-Masons prattling about.

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Melvyn Harris, Jack the Ripper: At the left is a little rope made of twisted silver threads, one end lek which is attached to the machine while the other extremity ends in a kind of little bell which one hold to one’s ear to hear the voice of the person with whom one is s peaking, just like the telephone of today.

Strangely, Hacks’ confessions did little to discourage the anti-Masons who believed he had been bought by the Freemasons to spread these stories that the whole thing was a hoax. Having fled to Switzerland, Taxil reported the existence of an entire Roman town at the bottom of a lake between Nyon and Lo.

And as 3 is Devil in a taixl fez – The taxik about the Freemasons lives on which explains the infamous Taxil hoax. But the lessons which the Church was prepared to learn were of another order. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This page was last edited on 15 Octoberat You see Diana Vaughan actually did exist. But the title of the work implies that everything mentioned between its covers is concerned with at least one of the three loe of the book’s title.

The following is the form, which the bogus quotation usually takes. Chris Mar 9, One had to be wrong. Amazingly too, some current anti-Masons attempt to ‘prove’ that the self-admitted fraud wasn’t a fraud at all. Why was such a great man, in the eyes of Freemasons, so disliked outside the craft? Numerous books, plays and songs all dealing with Satan were flooding ,eo market such as Abbe Decanu’s History of Satan, and Meyerbeer’s Robert the Devil.

By then there was great pressure for Diana Vaughan herself to be produced from the unnamed convent where Jogand claimed she was residing.


Originally an association for the diffusion of natural morality, [Freemasonry] is taxxil simply a benefit society. As Diana Vaughan, Taxil published a book called Eucharistic Novenaa collection of prayers which were praised by the Pope. One way to fame and glory was to stage a dramatic and public conversion which would be taken as a special miracle of grace.

The crimes I laid at their door were so grotesque, so impossible, so widely exaggerated, I thought everybody would see the joke and give me credit for originating a new line of humor. In March he had received the degrees 4th to 32nd at Charleston.

With a clear resonance of what was to happen later, people not only believed him, but claimed themselves to have seen parts of a road and remains of a forum.

Readers were told how Pike had regular Friday afternoon discussions with his own personal demon who had been sent as a liaison contact by Satan. So the entry of women passes unnoticed. Jogand’s motives are not taxkl clear even today, but it seems that his hoax was also designed to embarrass the Roman Catholic church.

Taxil, Leo

It is a book still available today and in the libraries taaxil many Freemasons worldwide. In this same book the false Albert Pike quote is used to support, and falsely so, the authors own anti-Masonic views. Waite analysed the whole literature about the palla dium in his book, Devil Worship in France, or the Question of Lucifer: We are told that in this hierarchy “the lower levels essentially leech off the lower levels”.

You’ve witnessed every single degree you’ve ever heard of, and scores more that you hadn’t known of before. It is important to note that the work was originally published by Grenada, a publishing house known for its pronounced and uncritical hostility to Freemasonry. In the s, he wrote a series of pamphlets and books txail Freemasonry[2] charging their lodges with leoo the devil and alleging that Diana Vaughan had written for him her faxil of the Satanic ” Palladist ” cult.

Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. The original 91 degrees were increased to 92 in and to 97 inalthough the raxil was reduced to 96 a few year later, perhaps to evenly organise the Rite into three “series” containing seven “classes.

For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, for the absolute can only exist as two gods: Also appearing in the cast is De La Rive and the translation of Ttaxil Luciferian doctrines already discussed in this paper.


My readers even took kindly to the yarn of the devil who, in order to marry a Mason, taxjl himself into a crocodile, and, despite the masquerade, played the piano wonderfully well. This presumed Satanic rite had been imported into France by one Phileas Walder who founded the Mother-Lodge of the Lotus with the aid of the occultist Eliphas Levi who claimed to have, on 24 Julyraised the spirit of Apollonius of Tyre.

Shadow Of The Ripper – 1 posts.

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He thanked the clergy for their assistance in giving publicity to his wild claims. To this day, it shadows the name of Pike who, according to Masonic author Jim Tresner and others, was a sincere and devoted Trinitarian Christian until his death.

But, for all his brushes with the law on his writings, he was a regular contributor to The Lantern and The Southern Republican as well as editing his own magazine, The Anti-Clerical.

But this link of Freemasonry to the Supernatural’s: In Italy, some thirty-third degree Freemasons actually wanted to become Palladists — which probably tells us something about Italian Freemasonry at that time! The predominantly Voltairian jury agreed. April taxl September,pages andTaxil is quoted as giving his taxli reasons behind the hoax.

Leo Taxil and Anti-Masonry by Wor. After her sales trip to Europe and return to America, Taxil had merely “stolen” her name. Before an assembly at the Paris Geographical Hall, Taxil told the crowd that the last decade plus of anti-Masonic literature had been falsely stated fabrications.

Léo Taxil – Wikipedia

The Pope’s nephew, Count Masta complained and the Court of Montpellier condemned the work as obscene. The public were told of satanic rituals, Masonic murders, a visit from the demon Asmodes and the appearance at a Masonic meeting of a demonic, winged crocodile who later entertained the members by taxip the piano while perving at the ladies present!

Bataille’s” book, Jogand introduced a sinister high priestess of satanic Freemasons. Ten months later, on March 31,Taxil died.