LEY 20559 PDF

LEY 20559 PDF


August 2, 2020

R Y E. BA R LEY. OATS W HEAT. R Y E. h A R LEY. 17, 10, 68, 30, 20, 11, , 81, 5, 2, 32, 58, de SST, velando por el bienestar constante de sus colaboradores y atendiendo a los requerimientos establecidos por la ley nacional (decreto de ). Ley de Sucesiones – Y Disposiciones Relativas Procedimientos En Los Juicios Universales de Testamentaria y de Abintestato (English, Spanish, Paperback).

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Egipto – – Ley. Miscellaneous amendments covering many types of insurance including long-term medical treatment financial administration of insurance companies, re-insurance. Egipto – – Leh, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza. Lays down the procedures for registering and processing applications for the services of the Centre established by Presidential Order No. The Order also provides for other procedural, financial and administrative matters relating to the Center’s field activities.

Order of the Ministry of 205599 No. Order of the Minister of Insurances No. Repeals Order of the Minister of Insurances, No.


Amends sections 1,2,4,6,8 subsection f and last paragraph13, 14, 17, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 first paragraph30, 31 first lwylej, 41, 42, leyy, 45 third paragraph50, 62, 65 and 68 of the principal Act.

The amendments provide for new definitions and scope includes private, public and mixed sections and agricultural workers and domestic servants ; trade union registration and acquisition of legal personality; non-applicability of legislation of trade union funds for cultural, social and other purposes; the establishment of a single national-level “general union” of workers belonging to allied occupational categories and the right of the General Confederation of Trade Unions to amend the rules of such “general unions” in accordance with the standards set in the amended Act; the General Confederation’s leadership of the Egyptian trade union movement; and many other related matters.

An Order of the Ministry of Manpower and Training to amend provisions specifying the banking institutions where trade union funds must be deposited; the purchase of necessary buildings; the meaning of travel expenses; entitlement to travel allowances and other related matters. Amends paragraphs 4 and 5 of article 15 of the Minister of Insurances Order No. Order of the Ministry of Manpower and Training No.

Order of the Prime Minister No. Regulates deadlines for enterprises’ compliance with the Act and other related matters. Provides for supervision of elections to the bodies of professional associations by a judicial committee new section 6bis and amendments to section 6.

Ministry of Finance Order No. Ministry of Manpower and Employment Order No. Provides for inspection of the lye safety and health facilities and related work of the Directorates of the Ministry. Provides for occupational health physicians from the governor Health Directorates to be seconded to governor Manpower Directorates for one or two days per week to conduct occupational safety and health inspection of industrial workplaces and examine medical issues arising in complaints to local labour administration authorities and for other purposes.

Amends article 2 of Ministerial Order No.

USA v. Yonel Baptiste, No. 10-15864 (11th Cir. 2011)

Authorizes the boards of directors of the General Confederation and general trade unions to grant board members an allowance not exceeding Egyptian pounds per month. Implements the internal regulations of the Cotton Exporters Union. The regulations provide for conditions of membership, the organs and officials of the union, and for other general rules relating to the union. Ministry of Transport Order No.

Specifies requirements to be met in catering for the crews of vessels of tonnes or more. A detailed schedule shows the minimum weekly quantities of food to be provided to seafarers.

Amendments relating to Social Security benefits for the beneficiaries of deceased employees. Diseases covered include silicosis, asbestosis, bisinosis, etc. The periodicity of reappraisal examinations is once every six months for the first year, once a year for the following three years, and once every two years for the following six years.


Ministry of Insurance Order No. Allows the formation of regional engineers’ unions, and provides for conditions of establishing such sub-unions. Order of the Minister of Finance No. Provides for the conditions of payment of such allowance, the manner of its calculation, and payment.

Amendments providing for the granting of leave without pay to ,ey spouse of a civil servant sent abroad to work or study. The tax is between 1 and 2 percent of the earnings of Egyptian migrants working for employers abroad. Increases, as from 1 Julyby 20 per cent the monthly pension provided for under the Social Security Leey promulgated by Act No. Permits the establishment of the union of workers who are key in electricity companies in accordance 20595 Financial Market Act No.

A special allowance of 10 per cent of basic salary is granted to all civil servants as of lley June This allowance is exempt from tax. Applies to all arbitration, irrespective of the nature of the legal relation around with the dispute revolves. Order of the Minister No. The Ministry of Local Administration will regularly invite applications for transfer of workers in the administration to units near their places of residence. The time limits for receipt of such applications and the body to which they must be addressed will be specified in the advertisments.

Amends the provisions of section 6, sub-paragraph c of section 21, sections 41, 43, 46 and paragraph 2 of section 64 of the Financial Regulations of Trade Unions referred to in 205599 Order. This amendment provides for the bank in which the funds shall be saved and the buildings to be purchased which are necessary for the functioning 2059 the trade unions. Amendments concerning contributions leey the Unions’ social welfare and pension fund and other financial matters.

An Order to repeal a provision of Ministerial Order No. Order of the Minister of Insurance No. Egipto – – Acuerdo internacional. Provides for cooperation with regard to labour recruitment between the two states. Approved for Kuwait by Decree No.

Order of the Minister of Manpower and Training No. Provides for the conditions to grant the special monthly allowance provided for in s.

Provides notification requirements relating to incidents of serious injury or illness in industrial establishments. Sets out notification requirements relating to gross accidents and vocational diseases. Provides that information relating to the reasons, causes and probability of each accident, as well as its human and physical costs be reported to the Manpower and Training Directorate.

Provides for the granting of a monthly allowance equivalent to 10 per cent of the basic salary for all the civil servants as from 30 June Establishes regulations for operations and work within Free Zones. Egipto – – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. Order of the Minister of Foreign Affairs No. Establishes a new health insurance scheme to cover students until the end of their university studies, and children attending schools or nurseries.

The scheme is to be applied gradually over the next five years. Overturns land reform legislation enacted after the revolution. Land owners can now increase the annual rent for agricultural land up to a ceiling of 22 times the tax levied on the land, up from the previous ceiling of 7 times the tax. All current leases on agricultural land must be renegotiated by the end of agricultural year Owners are now allowed to sell their land without their tenants’ consent.

Provides for the categories of persons entitled to receive the allowance, the manner of calculating the allowance, and its payment. Civil servants shall be granted a special monthly allowance of 20 per cent of the basic wage as from 30 June This allowance shall not be part of the basic wage of a worker and shall not be subject to any taxes or fees.


Article 3 regulates the entitlement of the allowance. The Minister of Finance shall make the necessary orders to apply the provisions of this special allowance. In addition to ministry representatives, the membership of the Commission includes representatives of the General Confederation of Trade Unions, the Federation of Industries and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce.

Amends section 3 of Ministerial Order No. The Union may also grant workers released from the civil service, the public sector or the private sector, a special allowance not exceeding 30 percent of their basic wages.

All such payments must be charged to the Union’s administrative expenses account. Defines the fields of scientific and technological cooperation between the two countries, and the means to achieve such cooperation. Porte ratifiCation de la Convention. Contient en annexe le texte de la Convention. Porte ratification de l’Accord. Amends article 17 of Ministerial Order No. All enterprises employing 50 or more workers are required to set up an adequately staffed occupational safety and health service responsible, inter alia, for inspection; ensuring that safety and health standards are met in respect of machinery and buildings; recording industrial accidents; participating in the formulation of safety and health training programmes for workers; and participating in meetings of the occupational safety and health commissions to be set up under the Order.

These commissions must be composed of the employer or managing director of the enterprise, the heads of the main production departments, the civil defence officer, the enterprise physician – if one has been appointed, and a number of workers’ representatives equal to half the total membership of each commission. The Order contains a chapter on special training requirements for enteprise safety and health personnel. Establishes provisions for the creation of functional agencies to promote vocational safety and hygiene in industrial establishments.

Provides for recruitment agency licensing requirements, recruitment procedures, etc. Specifies detailed safety standards to be met for the issuing of passenger transport certificates.

Repeals Ministerial Orders No. Extends coverage of the Order to other occupations, provides for wages of unskilled workers and amends insurance rates for specified contract work. This tax-free allowance is not part of the basic wage.

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It is paid to civil servants and public sector employees working in Egypt, at the rate of 15 per cent of their basic wages. This Act governs matters concerning the employment of Egyptian workers in foreign countries. The amendments concern employment services for Egyptians seeking to work abroad, responsibility of the Ministry of Labour and Training for supervision of the application of international conventions and contracts relating to Egyptian migrant workers, and sanctions for contraventions of the Act.

Provides for the adoption of regulations on the implementation of family-based production projects. Repeals Ministerial Order No. Establishes the manner for appointment to such jobs and the duration of such appointment. Provides for a six-month extension of the validity of the rehabilitation certificates issued by the Rehabilitation Committee for access to the jobs mentioned in the said certificates.

Amends the first and second paragraphs of article 3 of the Order of the Minister of Manpower and Training No. Specifies procedures for applying for the Centre’s services’ fees for different types of services’.