June 30, 2020

the MA6 (Paladin), see FM with the lightweight computer unit (LCU) or manual gunnery Note: This manual will refer to the designated POC. Newer versions, MA6 and beyond are referred to as the Paladin and offer significant automation and M Technical and Parts Manuals (33 Manuals). UNIT MAINTENANCE MANUAL FOR HULL SYSTEMS AND COMPONENTS HOWITZER, MEDIUM, SELF–PROPELLED: MM MA6.

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The Preventive Maintenance Monthly is series of United States Army technical bulletins published since June as a monthly magazine with comic book-style art to illustrate proper preventive maintenance methods. The M is a self-propelled, semi-mobile, manaul and armored Howitzer Artillery Unit with a mm cannon, that was introduced into service in There have been over 7, units produced and are still active in service with over 40 countries and is in current production with deliveries scheduled through to the U.

Newer versions, MA6 and beyond are referred to as the Paladin manusl offer significant automation and advanced capabilities including fully autonomous battlefield mobility.

A medium howitzer version, the M was introduced originally but was later canceled to minimize duplicity in the U.

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The M has proved itself in combat in many theaters over the years and has been adopted as the mobile artillery platform of choice by over 40 nations. The original versions were semi-mobile, where communications cable were required to be laid between the battery and command vehicles.

Later versions utilize radio data communications, eliminating the hard-wired requirement and allowing the battery to be fully mobile. Improvements to the powertrain, armor, fire control and cannon have been incrementally developed and the vehicle is still in current production for the U. It uses 7 double-tired road wheels to a hull side. The drive sprocket is located at front with track idler at the rear and no return rollers are used. Mabual entry and exit of the vehicle, the crew can use the small door located at the rear, side panels, roof hatches and the cover over the driver compartment.

The main guns have large muzzle brakes and are clamped to the hull when traveling. The crew was made of six members; driver, commander, 2 gunners and 2 loaders. The number of crew members has decreased throughout the years, as upgrades have come out. The A6 had numerous improvements, including secure radio, onboard diagnostics, and improved armor and powertrain.

In recent years, the U. A variety of manuql are mmanual for most systems of the Msome of manuql have been adopted by the U.


Armybut many of which, although evaluated for adoption, are now used exclusively outside maunal the U. This version had the T development designation. It was designed at the same time as the M The weapon mounts a mm M howitzer with a small fume extractor but no muzzle brake. It was only produced in and The original production version of the M developed from the T, introduced in Fitted with a short caliber mm M howitzer with muzzle brake and a distinctive large “lazy D”-shaped fume extractor.

Maximum M projectile range of 15, yd 14, m. The vehicle carried 28 rounds.

M109w6 MA1 mounts the longer M mm gun and incorporates elevation, traversing and suspension improvements. It can fire a high-explosive round 19, yd m10a6, m. The MA1 weighs 53, lb 24, kg fully loaded and is 29ft 8-in 9. The first MA1 conversion kits manhal produced in The first converted from standard vehciles became operational in The MA2 is a new production weapon which incorporated 27 mid-life improvements to the MA1.

The MA2 variant howitzer featured many system improvements, including a redesigned rammer, improved recoil mechanism, engine operation warning devices, re-designed hatch and door latches, improved hydraulic system and larger turret bustle carrying 36 mm projectiles.

Production began in About were produced for the U. Army and Army National Guard. The MA2 is still in current production under mannual technology transfer agreement between the U.

The K9 utilizes many parts that are similar or identical in design to the M The MA3 is a depot converted MA1 incorporating the 27 mid-life improvements. Introduced inmost of the global M fleet were retrofitted to the MA3 designation standard. The manhal of the MA3 is identical to the MA2.

The MA4 designation was used for the U. The system upgrades included in this specfic re-fit included: US Fleet upgrades were completed in and exports began in The MA5 fields upgraded components providing greater durability.

The MA5 variant is the the most advanced “factory” variant of the original M production series in use by non- U. Many manufacturers have fielded system improvements since the MA5 which are designed to be incorporated into the exported MA5 vehicles providing improved mobility, communications, battlefield manuaal and fire control. The MA5 Howitzer was the subject of several U. The major improvements that define the A6 Paladin variant are: The new powertrain and chassis allow the vehicle to maintain pace with other advanced heavy vehicles while provided spare parts commonality with newer generation vehicles.


The new powerpack improves the power-to-weight ratio and top speed. The vehicle utilizes the final drives, torsion bars, road wheels, road arms and track from the Bradley infantry fighting vehicle. The upgraded electrical system includes a 70kW generator.

1/35 U.S. Self-Propelled Howitzer MA6 Paladin (Iraq War)

A health and usage monitoring system HUMS is installed as standard. New in-arm rotary dampers improve performance. The chassis is longer than the original M providing greater internal volume. The driver is provided with cameras for improved situational awareness to the front and rear. The crew is provided with individual spot cooling as well as standard cooling vests manyal operations in hot temperatures.

This provides 35kW of VDC, which can be used for voltage conversion and can support other power loads required within the complex Paladin platform. The PIM turret rotates 80 deg left or right from center because of the new cabled power system which replaced the slip-ring.

The PIM vehicle has a pivot-steer function so that when targets are beyond the traverse limit, the vehicle can slew to that target as fast as the original system could traverse its turret. The A6 PIM vehicle uses Bradley road arm assemblies, torsion bars and idler assemblies and has six roadwheel mxnual compared to the seven on previous vehicles.

New double-pin, double-block This significantly reduces ground pressure and increases the vehicle’s manuall. A new digital fire-control system is installed and the modular artillery charge system MACS will replace bag-type charges. It can fire the Excaliber rounds 25 mi 40 km and conventional rounds about 19 mqnual 30 km. The PIM can fire four rounds per minute for three minutes and sustain one round per minute.

The latest M variant designed for the U. Army plans on procuring a fleet of sets of MA7 howitzers and MA3 ammunition support vehicles. The first MA6 m1099a6 MA2 vehicles were disassembled and reassembled to MA7 and MA3 standard as part manuao low-rate initial production beginning in summer Production deliveries began in April What is an NSN?

Don’t have an Account? Min in 3. M mount Rate of Fire: Want to know more about our Defense Services? We are here to help. Have any questions regarding a Request For Quote? Maanual about our Supply Management Services.